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    Food list for backpack hunt.

    Use what has worked for you in the past. I do think the sugar thing is real problem. Its super easy to get down and it is what the body craves when you are hiking your ass off (unlike trying to eat heavy fats). The fats and proteins are great but harder for the body to process them into what is...
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    Large Gatherings on Public Land and Hunting

    Agreed. I am sure the "sea of orange" in rifle season would be far more disrupting!
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    Large Gatherings on Public Land and Hunting

    I am just curious if anyone has experience hunting an area close to where there is a large gathering of people? My son drew a tag for Archery Elk here in CO. Its not a great tag but gives him better odds than hunting OTC according to GoHunt. I found out this week there is a large gathering of...
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    another new old guy

    Good luck in 76! Just curious what units you have experience in the NW? We moved to CO last year and my son drew unit 4 tag. We drove out this past weekend just to put boots on the ground and check some access. Any experience in the area? Shoot me a DM if so I would love to pick your brain a...
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    Colorado unit 4

    I have not seen the results. Someone posted they release on the 20th in time to put in for the second draw.
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    Colorado unit 4

    My son did end up drawing GMU 4 for archery. Looking at a few different areas and planning to go up this weekend to scout for accessibility, downfall, glassing points. I see they do give plenty of tags for the unit. Just curious if anyone has any tips or helpful insight. Maybe just a DM where I...
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    Colorado 2nd Draw?

    You guys don't let your kids hunt!? I want them to experience it more than myself!! I moved to CO 1 year ago just to give me the chance to take them with. I could hunt where I wanted when living on the east coast. Problem was that my son (well and now my daughter) would have never had the...
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    Colorado 2nd Draw?

    Good luck! That's actually why I found this forum. My son drew Unit 4 for archery elk so, once I am allowed to create a post, I may be able to get some information about the area. We are actually headed up this weekend for Fathers Day to scout it out a bit. I spend most of my time in OTC units...
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    Colorado 2nd Draw?

    That's actually great!! My son is 15 and really taking up archery. I plan to hunt OTC as a 2nd year resident and continue to get points but I would love to get the boy on some critters this year!
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    Colorado 2nd Draw?

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    Dogs are Hunting Partners - Let's see 'em

    Not much for hunting! Mostly just lazy friends.
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    Colorado 2nd Draw?

    Any idea on when the left over/ turned in tags for the second draw will be posted for CO this year?
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    Deadheads - Let's see 'em

    Then my dog proceeded to eat the face and ivory! I was able to save the skull cap.

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