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    Area 324 - Montana Elk

    Thanks, I really appreciate the information!!! Sounds really busy. I guess we will see when we get there. At least we'll be out hunting, that is way better than sitting here at work thinking about it! Thanks again for taking some time and providing me some insight to your experiences.
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    First Encounter with a Bull

    Sounds like a great encounter!!! Thanks for posting!
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    Area 324 - Montana Elk

    Yeah it definitely seems that the bear focus is more this year. I hope the weather creates some change in the elk activity. Sounds like its been a little slow then eh? I am maybe hoping some of the weather will lower some of the people as well, but i'm not planning on that. Does it seem like...
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    Area 324 - Montana Elk

    Yeah? I was kind of wondering about that! Guess I will be adding to that number
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    How is one supposed to....

    I'm in the same position currently. 3 more days of work to go, my production at the office is limited, but my packing list and everything is very organized!! Can't wait to get into the mountains!
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    Wolf Encounter - 20 yards WY

    Great footage! Pretty cool to get that type of experience on video!
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    Area 324 - Montana Elk

    Hey guys, I hope everyone's season is going well so far! Looks like we will be in for a big weather change coming late this week for much of the state. Hopefully it will get these fires slowed down some and allow the firefighters some breathing room. Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you...
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    First Hunt Outside of Texas, First Successful Hunt Ever 6X6 Bull

    Congrats!! Great Bull!!
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    Montana Highground

    Sorry, it didn't work out and the loud campers nearby sounds like no fun. I'm not a big fan of that. Least you have a great attitude about it all! We will be headed out next Saturday and looking forward the the possible upcoming weather chance and hopefully hitting the peak rut. Glad you...
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    Ask your onX Hunt questions here!

    Is there a way to know, or lookup what year or date the image was from in satellite view?
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    Montana Highground

    First off, good luck on your upcoming hunt. I will be in the same region about a week after you. I sent you a PM just to touch base and keep in touch as to your experience. Good luck next week!
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    My first whitetail!

    Thanks everyone!
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    My first whitetail!

    Thanks! I think a bit, after looking at other pictures. To be honest I was so excited I didn't really notice in the field.
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    Minnesota Buck

    Congrats, that is a great deer!
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    Wife got her first western hunt.

    Congrats, sounds like a great trip!