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    New in Box Elk Calls For Sale

    $50.00 for the pair
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    New in Box Elk Calls For Sale

    Lets try a price drop. $60.00 for the pair USPS MO
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    New in Box Elk Calls For Sale

    I'm not going to make it Elk Hunting this year. I have two elk calls still in the box. The Closer and a Duel. Both have never been opened and have the mouth calls. $40.00 each shipped or $70.00 for the pair. I prefer a USPS MO but will do paypal f&f
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    Two gun big game combo

    A 358 Winchester and a 223 for me but I could see a 9.3x62 and 6.5x55/6.5 CM as being more practical.
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    Nosler M48 Liberty

    Must be a Scheel's. There's one in Reno also.
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    Shooting Schools?

    I've been waiting to do this.
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    Howa Mini Action Mags and Rails on Sale

    Buds still has a few 10 round Mags for $26.96 and Warne Rails for $45.83
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    Truck bed camping

    I don't have a buddy heater but I throw a small blanket on the defroster and heat it up and throw it in the bottom of my sleeping bag. It warms my bag up and being able to stick my feet in the blanket adds a few degrees to my sleeping bag.
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    Reasonably priced (<$200) boots?

    STP is great. I used to buy Vasque Boots from them and snagged a pair of Kennetreks also.
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    Anyone shoot a single shot out there?

    Some kind of single shot like a #1 or 1885 is probably going to be my next gun. I always wanted a #1 but couldn't afford it when I was younger.
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    GI Duffle bag for airlines?

    I used to put a towbar in mine. It flew every other week for a while.
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    200 yd zero

    I've got a couple of the E1 3-9x40's and use the same system. Back in the day when running dogs was the norm and a 742 WoodsMaster was the king of the woods in the South, a 100 yard zero and using the post of your duplex as your second sight in would get you a pretty good ways compared to a...
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    Browning BOSS options

    If you want to try a solid boss, CDNN Sports has a bunch for like $9.95 each.