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    BOW or Rifle ?!?!

    I'll be using my Hoyt Magantec! Now if I can just get my ass home from TDY and practice! HogFan
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    Montana Big 3 Results Posted

    Instead of REI, you could go to Bob Ward's. I've been there once, and didn't care for it. I think I'll just stick to Big Bear and Scheel's for my stuff. Hudge
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    Montana or Wyoming

    Well, if you want to work, stay out of Great Falls. I'm Air Force, and though I like MT, I'd like to leave GF ASAP! I saw some statistics a while back about MT being the lowest paying state in the nation, and GF being the lowest paying city in the state. If I was retired, I'd move some where...
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    Dad's last mule deer hunt

    Jack, Great story, and it brings bak memories of hunts with my father. HogFan
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    Redneck car

    I really like the mullet the guy has too. Makes it even more redneck!
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    $750 buffalo hunt

    Up near Cutbank, you can hunt on the Hutterites for Bison, for $500. A girl my wife works with goes up once a year to shoot one. Hogfan