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    Couple of 1911 Dominators Hunting Prep-Range Day

    On Friday I went out to Mac's Gunworks to zero and get some drops out to 500 yards with my two Pachmayr Dominator's. These both have long eye pistol scopes on them with external turrets. It is very difficult to shoot accurately at distance with just holding over. With a 1911 frame and trigger...
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    The 308 Winchester Center-Grip XP-100 Drew First Blood

    Thank you sir. I have confirmed my drops on steel out to 1000 yards with this ammunition. I reconfirmed them early last week, with the Bog-Gear from a double kneeling position out to 500 yards on steel (10"). The 200 yard steel was a 5" plate. Barrel length is 14.5" I wouldn't kill any deer...
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    The 308 Winchester Center-Grip XP-100 Drew First Blood

    The center-grip 308 Winchester XP-100 drew first blood Friday afternoon. It was a hurried double kneeling short shot at around 50-60 yards, Using Bog-Gear's tripod and PSR top/Holland's small field bag. I was doing the sneaky sneak on my way to place where I was going to sit for the rest of the...
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    Caliber for 600 yard range

    A 7 or 8 twist 223 Rem will easily get you to 600 yards. I have killed pd's past 600 yards with my 15" center-grip H-S Precision HSP 223 Remington, and have connected on steel beyond a grand. I have used 73 ELD-M's, 75 grain Hornady BTHP both in factory ammo, and it shoots great!
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    Public land mule deer hunt with a 6.5-284 Borden Alpine clone XP-100

    Dan Ekstrom and I have been looking for a shooter mule deer buck on public land. For this area, Tuesday was the last day, and we put over 8 miles in. It all took place just as we were getting close to running out of legal hunting time I was shooting a center-grip single-shot Borden Alpine...
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    Caliber for 600 yard range

    Fast twist 223 Remington, 6 Creed or 6.5 Creed
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    Accubonds work great - 160 grain
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    240 Weatherby, 6mm Creed

    I would start him with the Creed
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    First elk ever. I ACTUALLY FREAKIN DID IT!!!!

    So happy for you!
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    CO 2nd Season Mule Deer

    Enjoy the beauty of God's creation
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    Best Antelope/Mule Deer Caliber?

    Federal Premium ammo says the 110 AB has a MV of 3100 fps. I know it is different with every rifle, but it is a start point. With a 100 yard zero, it is only 3 MOA at 300, 5.25 MOA at 400, and 8 MOA at 500 yards and 3.5 MOA/18" (at 500 yards) for a 10 mph full value/crosswind from 3 or 9...
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    Best Antelope/Mule Deer Caliber?

    What is your realistic maximum hunting distance for lopes and muley's? You mentioned you liked the 25-06, but was concerned about ammo availability...See the link. Lot of options. Still, do you want a short action or a long action cartridge? If you want long the 25-06 is one of several good...
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    Who hunts or wants to hunt big game with a handgun?

    The 240 grain Sierra HP works great on deer and antelope
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    Who hunts or wants to hunt big game with a handgun?

    Chris does quite well with any kind of handgun he chooses to shoot or hunt with.
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    Who hunts or wants to hunt big game with a handgun?

    How many handgun hunters do we have here, for deer and any other big game?
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