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    Hammocks for backpack hunts

    I do use a pad when sleeping in my hammock for additional comfort and warmth. I am currently using a Big Agnes sleeping bag with the Big Agnes insulated air core sleeping pad. The big agnes bag has a sleeve pocket on the bottom of the bag to slide the pad into so it stays in place when you...
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    Hammocks for backpack hunts

    Here are a couple pics of my Clark's jungle hammock pre-snow, in the early snow, and in the much deeper snow on my Wyoming elk hunt last year. You may not be able to tell in the pic, but my Dad's tent did not hold up so well in the deep snow (it was crushed by the weight of the snow)
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    Hammocks for backpack hunts

    The pockets underneath the hammock are quite large and are sectioned off - there are 3-4 pockets on each side of the hammock. I put all of my clothes in the pockets on the side that I enter and exit the hammock for easy access. During the snowstorm, I had all my clothes in the pockets and...
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    Hammocks for backpack hunts

    Check this one out if you are considering a hammock setup: I have used this specific model hammock on several backpacking trips, including my Wyoming archery elk hunt last year. We got a bunch of rain and almost a foot...
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    15 Utah Deer Points

    Zim, There are no real secrets as to where the deer will be during the bowhunt on the Paunsaugunt - start near Tropic Reservoir and hunt out from there. There are lots of roads and ATV trails on the unit especially up on top on the summer range so it can be difficult to get away from crowds and...
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    15 Utah Deer Points

    If I were you, I would put in for the Paunsaugunt archery tag and go hunt. You should be able to draw with 15 points no problem. In my opinion, the archery hunt is the best hunt on the Pauns because the majority of the deer are congregated on top of the plateau in the summer range. Your...
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    My boy got one!!

    Awesome-glad you are starting them out young like that-Congrats!!
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    A few from Utah

    Utah450, Awesome pictures-thanks for sharing. Were those pictures taken on the SJ Elk Ridge unit? Are you from down that way? How are the deer herds looking down there these days? I live in Lehi, Utah but my Dad drew the SJ Elk Ridge archery tag way back in 1986 if I remember right, when the...
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    Awesome pictures-thanks for posting!!
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    could have shot that 7x8 sunday

    Is that Bigfoot?
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    Possible new P&Y world record Mule Deer

    Check this gagger buck: This buck was shot with a bow in Nevada this year and could be the new world record. What an awesome buck!!
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    The Utah Draw Blues

    No Utah bighorn sheep or elk tags for me this year, but my Dad and Brother both drew Manti Archery elk tags, so it should be an awesome fall helping them get their bulls!! I will take plenty of pictures to share for sure.
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    I used King's Desert Shadow camo this year on my bowhunt for mule deer in Southern Utah and it blended in extremely well. If you are hunting in areas with a lot of sagebrush and light green plants, trees, etc then this camo is some of the best made.
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    Got my Antelope Mount Back (Pic)

    After waiting a full year and one month, I finally got my Antelope back from the taxidermist. The wait was long but I think the taxidermist did a great job. This is the antelope I shot in Idaho in 2002. Here is a pic:
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    Not the #1, but new ID record whitey

    Great buck-Congrats to the hunter!!