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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    Thanks for everyone's comments. The Savage 212 bolt action seems like a good choice. Plenty of knockdown energy, great accuracy coupled with backup rounds. Just can't go wrong with that combination. Time for a new gun. I've wouldn't have know that existed without these replies. Hopefully, will...
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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    Shannerdrake, I like your reasoning, Probably a 12ga would be better than a 20, I would imagine it might kick a bit, recoil pad?. No smoke too. The Savage sounds like the route. Scope or no scope? Makes sense to me and now I have a good reason to buy another gun, yay . Thanks for your replies!
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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    Higher residential area, along river.
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    Cooper AT3, XLT 10 ply have been the best tires for my driving. Good offroad, no hwy noise, wear even, decent tread wear and medium road price point.
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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    Against the regs to use rifle. Seems like ML the way to go. No excuses would be a good choice, although with pure lead it they might not get the penetration. Moose are tough skin with big bones. A ML with a pistol sidearm would give me a backup, if there's no time to reload.
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    Muzzleloader or shotgun slug for moose

    Got a moose tag this year and deciding on using a 50 cal muzzle-loader or 12ga slug shotgun. Range would be under a 150 yards, more like a hundred. Like the idea of having backup shots with the shotgun. Never used a slug barrel, although I have a couple of muzzle blasters. Wondering if anyone...
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    If you could draw one

    Drew it this year, bull moose tag in Idaho.
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    controlled deer hunt in Idaho non-resident

    As a resident, you can apply for a controlled hunt for antlerless and if you are successful in drawing that tag, you can only get that one tag. If you are unsuccessful, you can purchase an OTC tag for the general hunt. If you apply for an extra antlerless controlled hunt and are successful, you...
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    Idaho Mule Deer OTC Success Rates - Real World Experience

    Ketchum area should be fine. Winter has been average in most of the state. A week in February was cold when a lot of snow was on the ground, I'm sure this had an effect. Best advice I can give is if you're in an area and don't see a lot of deer, move 25 to 50 miles and check out somewhere else...
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    More bear bait questions

    Suckers and squaw fish work great. I've put 20 to 25 fish in a bait, gone in 2 days. Also, molasses oat flakes, with liquid molasses old bakery items, apples, pears. bacon grease, fryer oil. They don't like potatoes and onions. I start catching non game fish now for May baiting, freeze them...
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    Any Opinions on a Spring Black Bear Hunt?

    Idaho has reduced bear tags in some areas for NR and you can get 2 of them. The reason for 2 is there's too many of them. I would suggest the Lolo area, unit 12 from Lolo Pass to Syringa. Use baits and you should have a bear on one in a couple of days. Just don't go early, too much snow and the...
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    Which Week for Idaho OTC Mule Deer?

    Yes, I wouldn't bother with chains or ATVs, you should be able to access much of the area with a 4x4 truck with good tires. If the snow is deep, hunting around the snowline should be productive. Just be prepared as you never know what the weather can do at that time.
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    Which Week for Idaho OTC Mule Deer?

    The later week might have more hunters if you're in an area where the elk seasons open on the 15th. I like to hunt the upper half of the mountains during that time, although the bucks can be lower. Most seem to be in the higher parts, although the sage areas around ag fields can have some good...
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    Idaho spring bear

    Hunt the dark timber. The Panhandle is thick and has a lot of bears as does the mid to northern areas of ID. I use bait and would rather hunt a high density area and drive more than set baits where there aren't a lot of bears, especially if you're not familiar with the area. Tried hunting in...
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    How many deer on average do you see per hunting day?

    100 to 200, mostly muleys with a few whitetails in the river bottoms. Evenings are best, although the majority are in ag fields on private land. Public land varies, depending on the area, still an easy 50+ mostly does. Areas are often rugged and steep, just difficult to get to em. Time of year...