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    2019 Colorado mule deer

    Good call moving camp to lower elevations when a big snow is on the horizon. I've experience many hunters that tried to move camp too late and had to be rescued...not a very fun experience, but you only do it once.
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    Big News (well for me it is anyways...)

    Congrats. The toughest test I ever took with the excpetion of the Engineering GRE. I remember people wheeling in carts full of books to take the test....I'm glad those days are over, and I'm sure you are too.
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    EF441W7R - anyone else have this RFW tag?

    I've received calls back fairly close to the start of the season in the past. Since they're new they're probably a bit disorganized. Your son will have a blast on the hunt.
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    Questions for Tundra Owners

    I have a 2015 SR5 and love it. I usually buy used but in researching I could get one brand new for around the same price as a used one that was a couple years old. Purchased the least expensive off the frills just basic gear. I can pull essentially anything with 4.7 liter...
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    Elk Habitat and Strategy question

    In my experience, they predominately use the north facing slopes due to the shade while bedding and in a lot of cases the north facing slopes are heavily treed so they have good cover. If the north facing slopes don't support good feed, they'll move to the adjacent slopes to eat late in the day...
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    Garmin inreach HuntView questions

    Onx is the way to go for navigation. Get your battery replaced on your phone...It cost me $29 to replace my battery on my Iphone5 which I used exclusively with onx. I also have an Inreach but don't use it for navigation only for texting. Also, put your phone on Airplane and Low Power mode. It...
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    Powder for 7mm mag

    IMR 4350 using 150gr Sierra Game Kings
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    First time hunter rifle

    My sister and daughter both shoot a .25-06 and shoot it well.
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    Rangefinder for archery and rifle shooting out to 500 yards

    I have a Nikon as well. It's terrible at long distances....I don't even use it for rifle hunting. Just bought a Sig and am very impressed so far.
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    Here's a recent post on the subject. Lots of opinions from people on this forum.
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    Torn CCL?

    My Brittany had TPLO on both legs. One about 6 months after the other....its fairly common when one goes the other is right behind it due to the excessive stress on the good leg during the injury and rehab. The hardest part was keeping her off the repaired leg during rehab. She was ready to...
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    Colorado Unit 76 Mule Deer

    I hunted sheep in there a few years back and know the roads north of Creede fairly well. Shoot me a PM if you're looking at that area.
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    Colorado Big Game Structure 2020 - 2024

    Gave my 2 cents.
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    Loads for a .325 wsm

    I use 4831 as well and run a 220gr bullet.