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    My friends Cat pics.......

    hEY SUPERSIDER Cool cat.. You told me in a previous post that you were waiting for a friend to take you cat hunting this year.. Did you go yet or are you still waitning on your friend................
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    Got my Cougar

    Cool pics Gila Awesome cat-- congrats
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    Another great archery

    Hey supersider Nice bucks I would of been happy to tag either one of those hogs... Well done and good luck. Let me know how your cougar hunt comes out.
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    Cougar Down

    Last Sunday finally had a chance to give the hounds a chance to go chase some cougars. Hooked up with a couple of friends Tom and Andy. Started out about 6:30 in a honey hole I have that has produced 5 cats in the last 2 years.. This huge canyon runs from the base of the mountains all the way to...
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    CJ soapbox [illegals]

    I can tell you that where I live in AZ SS cards are so easy to buy and get ahold of. I had a guy come in looking for work last week he was a friend of a guy that works for me. He had 3 SS cards and said to pick the one I wanted to use.. Yeah I showed him to the door. Also in the mix of all...
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    Hey Moosie

    Moosie Lets say we have x amount of dollars for the drawing the winner can then take a choice of 3 or 4 different hunts that cost that amount of money.. Or enough money for two members to go on the same hunt.. That way guys who would normally not get a chance to meet... and hunt together..
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    Hey Moosie

    Hey Moosie Just a thought here maybe way off base, but the hell.... Seems like we have plenty of members here and thought of a drawing for moosie members only.... Everyone who wants to get involved - lets say puts in $5 or $10 Or $20 bucks at a chance to win a hunt... All expences paid...
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    AZ Coues.

    CMC Nice buck, Its been a preety decent year from what ive been hearing.. They are quite a challenge... I didn't put in this year for rifle so that I could chase them in January with my bow... Its fun when the ruts on...
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    Chuckars are thick as flies

    T- Bone Have some friends in Nevada and they are saying the same thing , Best chuckar hunting they have ever seen, since they've been there. Going up there in Dec and do some myself for a week.. Chuckars and Huns.... Can't wait
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    Last year's WT (Pic)

    Hey Nemont Good luck on your hunt , let us know how it turns out and post some more of those cool pics. congrats to your buddy..
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    Eastern MT Bucks

    hey Nemont Cool pics- really like the 2nd one with all the trash on his head
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    Hardcore duck hunting or just plain stupid

    mtmiller great pics as always, Its starting to turn cold here also- I think it was 41 here this morning.
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    Few ram pictures from today

    MtMiller Once again cool pics-- Hey do you need a assitant
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    Been awhile

    Cody You kept your word to that young lady and took care of buisness... Somthing she'll never forget.. Job well done...
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    Did she get another?

    Cool pic- she seems real proud.. congrats to her...