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    Down To The Wire In California

    How did your X2 hunt go? I should have enough points this year to draw and have been considering that unit. Thanks
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    Predator Damage Management in Idaho - Seeking Comments

    I saw this on another forum, and decided to share here, to get as many comments from the hunting public as possible. Please comment for being in favor of aggressive wolf management in Idaho.
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    What does a new Tikka T3x go for when on sale?

    Cheapest I found mine was at sportsmans for $750 out the door i believe. T3x SS
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    Got into a nice one

    Right on. Awesome!
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    POW 2021 bear hunt, who is applying?

    I will be applying for a spring tag.
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    Archery OTC Dilemma

    I drove 15 hours to New Mexico and hunted for a week solo, and 16 hours to Idaho to hunt solo, I don't regret either. Go do it.
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    Down To The Wire In California

    Congrats Well I hope you get some nasty weather and the bucks come in for your birthday! Good luck, that should be a great hunt. All OTC hunts for me this year.
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    Down To The Wire In California

    My faith in drawing an Elk or Sheep tag is fading every year. Too many people with Max Points...
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    Southern California fishing

    Diamond Valley lake has some good bass, striper fishing. Used to be great trout fishing until all the Striper got in there. Big Bear has some good trout fishing. Google SoCal fishing reports and you can usually find some good info. Right now is the time to go fish the ocean though and go catch...
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    New Mexico Unit 18 Pronghorn

    Well good luck, I dont think you will have any issues finding goats.
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    Spring snows

    Good job. Shoot as many as you can!!
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    Any Issues with Leveling Kits???

    Your buddy is right. Level kits are good, but a spacer is the wrong way to do it, especially for a truck being taken off road. Spacer only kits are changing the geometry of you upper control arms and you are start wrecking ball joints, risking that joint separating and ultimately that tire...
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    New Mexico Unit 18 Pronghorn

    Im assuming rifle tag right? I hunted 18 archery last season for 7 days. I had multiple stalks everyday on great bucks, but could never seal the deal. The last 2-3 days of my hunt, I started focusing on the more broken up country with taller ridges and junipers, and was able to get closer, got...
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    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    My first and only archery elk....until september
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    This is why we can't have nice things

    Why cant I ever happen to pull up as these things are happening, i'd love to catch some of these people...