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  1. chuckchili

    What do you do with replaceable blades?

    I will self-identify as a cheap SOB but I sharpen them and use them again... and again. I got the Outdoor Edge EDC knife almost three years ago and it came with five extra blades. I'm on blade #2 after I chipped the first one. I think I put that blade in a Gatorade bottle and put it in the trash.
  2. chuckchili

    First antelope!

    Heck of a first. Nice Lope
  3. chuckchili

    Rifle for the ranch.

    +1 for lever gun. Personally I’d do 30-30 also or maybe .45-70.
  4. chuckchili

    Hunting Meme Thread

    Not necessarily hunting related but it could be
  5. chuckchili

    Do you need an super duper magnum for elk?

    .357 magnum is a magnum. Just saying :)
  6. chuckchili

    CO Re-Issue Day - virtual queue already active

    A short lived unit 10 muzzle loader tag popped up the other day. I’m holding out hope my lowly tag will make an appearance before 3rd season
  7. chuckchili

    Fun with yard pronghorn!

    Must be nice- both target practice and stalking practice without leaving your yard!
  8. chuckchili

    Utah Youth Elk Hunt

    Cool story, congratulations. If I had a dollar for every time I saw my 12 year old in the body position in the middle picture- I'd be filthy rich
  9. chuckchili

    WY unit 45

    Looks nice and heavy. Good job
  10. chuckchili

    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    Gems from I Hunt Colorado Facebook
  11. chuckchili

    Year of the pronghorn

    Nice looking goats!
  12. chuckchili

    WY points are open.

    Bought my first point with no plan whatsoever. I’ll probably buy for another 2-3 years before I start formulating.
  13. chuckchili

    The hell is this?

    That tree clearly died of Covid-19
  14. chuckchili

    Hunters Education Course Help

    Yes, Colorado is 100% online- my two kids are doing it right now. $25
  15. chuckchili

    Game Bags?

    I use large bags that the whole antelope fit in after it’s gutted and skinned.