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    Budget Binoculars

    I have the Diamondbacks, got them a couple years ago on a Black Friday sale. I think they're decent for the money and the glass seems to fit my needs for now.
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    Just doesn’t feel right . . .

    Does it come in 6.5 Creed?
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    Anybody seeing rabbits this year?

    I wiffed this year so far as well on my one outing... only saw a couple tracks. No squirrels either.
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    2019 buck is back home

    Very well done.
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    Anyone Using Burris?

    I have a Droptine 3x9x50 with the Ballistic Plex reticle mounted on a .308 that I hunted with two years ago. I think that's Burris' least expensive model? I think it is a decent scope with decent glass for the money. The reticle is very easy to use for quick hold over shots. But like others...
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    New from Central Texas

    Welcome from Colorado
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    Bino Chest Harness - Dump

    I have the same harness as you, just all tan. I thought I carried a lot in mine until I saw yours. I also sewed a section of a cheap, stretchy cartridge belt onto the right side pocket of the harness (my right side as I'm wearing it) that holds 4 rounds for quick load/reload but still allows...
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    2019 Nebraska Mule Deer

    Very nice buck!
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    MR Sawtooth 45?

    Sorry, I noticed that the second time I read it. It seems to be a pretty good size. I bet you could put enough in there to make you wish you hadn’t put so much in there. I think you could just about cram a whole, quartered and boned out mule deer in there...mostly on the shelf with maybe some...
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    MR Sawtooth 45?

    In my inexperienced opinion, it does seem to be able to hold more than a day’s supplies. I’ve always imagined that if you’re running out of space inside the pack, you can start strapping stuff to the outside.
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    MR Sawtooth 45?

    I won’t be much help. I bought the Sawtooth after my hunting season was over this year so I haven’t had the chance to officially try it out. For what it’s worth, I will say it was easy to fit to me and seems to be extremely well made.
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    New from Colorado

    Welcome. Kinda surprised the username Coloradoguy wasn’t taken already. :)
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    Kids and the outdoors

    I have two 11 year olds, a boy and a girl. Last year, I took the boy antelope hunting, this year I took the girl. Also, this year I took both on a mule deer hunt. We harvested on all three hunts and even with that little amount of exposure, both seem to be very into going again as soon as...
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    Big Sky Billies and Blunders

    Great photography and story. Thanks for sharing!