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    NM youth hunt went well

    Looks like an awesome hunt - Congrats !!
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    NM Antelope 2012

    Sounds like an awesome hunt - Congrats !!
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    Petiton to bar OYOA from airing

    What a bunch of ignorant fat heads... all of them. Great job, great show - keep up the good work !!
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    MT Speed goat2012

    Awesome Buck - Congrats!
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    Waiting payed off

    Ditto - and yep, I'm still jealous...;)
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    Texas Tan Line

    Ooof-da.. that flower looks nice.
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    10 year old turkey buster

    Sweet bird !! Congrats to you both !!
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    Losing a parent and dealing with it.....

    Andy, my condolences to you and your family. The sad days ahead will make you stronger. Your mom is proud of you.
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    HOWA Rifle - last chance to enter

    Congrats on the SWEET prize... !!
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    CA Bobcat Mount

    Awesome looking mount - Congrats !!
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    Out West Who's our Candidate for Pres?

    Hello, my name is Dick and I'm 5'10" - 200 lbs... thanks for including me in your...contest.
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    My First Goat

    Awesome goat !! Congrats !! I need to get me one of those soon too...
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    Knee Replacement

    Good Luck NHY !! Had my knee scoped just before xmas... all went well except I couldn't talk the hot nurse into coming home with me.... ;)
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    Least Mode

    Appears to have good technique though...
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    New guy from Minnesota

    Welcome Elknut from MN !!