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  1. BRI

    Montana unit 680

    Any updates. How's the hunt going?
  2. BRI

    Archery Elk in the Gravelly Range of SW Montana

    I believe we have a HT'er on the Elk Management Revision Committee. Maybe optimistic but hopefully there's some good to come from that. https://helenair.com/outdoors/fwp-selects-committee-for-elk-management-plan-re-write/article_453e77e8-187c-5bbe-aaf6-c968ddff6a47.html
  3. BRI

    Archery Elk in the Gravelly Range of SW Montana

    Unfortunately this is true of nearly all general tag units in Montana.
  4. BRI

    MT Governor's Sheep Tag

    Been spending some time in 680 looking for sheep this year. Have seen two well known planes on several occasions. Once while scoping out some rams. A few close circles pushed those rams into hiding quickly.
  5. BRI

    LASIK - Do It

    Had it done in 2015. It cost $4500 out of pocket and is easily the best money I've ever spent. I can barely get by without cheaters if I have to but use cheaters a lot of the time.
  6. BRI

    Ask your onX Hunt questions here!

    I’ve noticed my gps location (blue dot) tracks so well one day. Then other days it stays grey and doesn’t track at all. Happened this weekend. Saturday was perfect. Sunday sucked. I really wanted to record a track but couldn’t. wide open canopy, nothing to obscure satellite view. Is it a...
  7. BRI

    Cooney, best choice for sportsmen.

    Cooney has my vote though I believe G wins easily. Reason being the numbers of total votes in the primary. IIRC, 225k total R votes, and 148k D votes. That's a lot of votes to make up. Unfortunately, hunting for the average person will certainly not get better.
  8. BRI

    Toy Hauler for a 1/2 Ton?

    When I was camper shopping a couple years ago I considered a toy hauler with my half ton. To stay in the load range I could only look at the smaller toy haulers and didn't care for many of the other camper options that were more important to me. It was never about the engine power but seemed...
  9. BRI

    Who will win the Superbowl in 2020

    Tampa Bay has a legit shot at making it with all the talent they'll have. Me personally, I hope they (well...Brady and Gronk) suck!
  10. BRI

    Spotting Scope Thoughts

    I picked up the Meopta meopro a couple months ago and have been really happy with it. Had it set up next to a swaro for comparison and really didn’t see much difference looking at a hillside two miles away on 20 and 60 power.
  11. BRI

    Which headlamp??

    +1 for Black Diamond. I always carry an extra headlamp too. Had a princeton TEC plastic battery cover snap in below zero weather one year. That sucked.
  12. BRI

    Replacement Insoles?

    I've spent hundreds of dollars on insoles over the past several years. Mostly because I have a neuroma under my ring toe. I've found insoles to be a lot like boots. Everyone's foot is different and you may need to try several to get the right one. For me, most insoles are slightly thicker...
  13. BRI

    Meindl Vakuum 10.5

    I sent meindl USA a direct message asking the same question. I've had two pairs of the cabelas meindl Denali boots and the Vakuum boots are the same boot. They said order the same size as I did in the Denali's.
  14. BRI

    Travel Trailer Size and Road Limitations

    I started looking at trailers a few years ago. My criteria was less than 25’; less than 5000 pounds and $15k. After the wife and I finished looking we ended up with a 28’; 7500 pounds and $23k...haha. It has a slide and bunk beds. Have used it quite a bit now through late November each year...
  15. BRI

    New or used InReach?

    The 66i will accept the newer OnX chips. However, if you have an older chip, it likely will not work. When I was researching, there have been some compatibility issues between chips. I have a new chip and took my chip from my old 64s and put it in the 66i and it worked perfectly.

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