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    Water Bottles or Water Bladder

    I been using a bladder of one sort or another for 15 years. This year I going to try smart water bottles. My bladder will be in the trailer if I decide to use it.
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    Tenderloin - Not Backstrap.... It is always tough!

    I cook mine whole and slice after. I like my tenderloin as well as loin on rare side. Always tender.
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    Hank Shaw Chili recipe..

    Glad you enjoyed it. I always and happy if a new recipe works out.
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    Homemade bacon

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    Moose Lengua (tongue) Tacos

    Wow looks great
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    Corned deer

    Looks great
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    plastic game meat bags versus freezer paper

    We vacpak steaks and roasts and use the bags for ground. The one thing I learned with the bags is not to be to rough with them when moving them around after they are frozen. They can develop small tears in the plastic. My meats are all eaten within a year and I have never had any freezer burn. I...
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    Stock upgrade for Weatherby Vanguard - Hogue or Bell and Carlson?

    Great advise right here.
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    Winchester .350 Legend

    I cant justify it either at 57 years old but if theres a rifle I want I somehow always do. I have two rifled slug guns, 44 ruger carbine, 444 marlin lever and an Encore ML. All capable for a 3 day hunt in Ohio a year. LOL. Nobody said this hobby made any sense. I will probably let a few other...
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    Winchester .350 Legend

    One hunt I have done every year for about 30 years is in Ohio. Its a walk in hunt in the National Forest. Coming from mostly hunting nonrestricted states I hated the restrictions in Ohio. I always wanted to be able to use a lighter weight (7lb scoped)bolt action rifle with a 22 inch or shorter...
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    Winchester .350 Legend

    There seemed to be some questions out there if it was legal in Ohio. I got an email from Ohio DNR that says it is.
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    Nice. Im going doing some of those this year.
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    Bino harness

    I have the Marsupial and the AGC cub with the max pocket. For what you describe as your need I would go with the AGC. I like to wear the Marsupial better but for shear protection and durability I dont think you can go wrong with the AGC. If I was heading to Alaska I would pack my AGC.
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    New Toy

    Nice, I have a .444 Marlin lever gun. Lots of fun to shoot. I use it when I hunt in Ohio. It works!!!
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    Keeping meat cool.

    This right here for all big game meat. That cooler is just a big thermos the better it hold in cold , the better it holds in heat. So its best to get the meat completely cooled down before putting it in the cooler.