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    Which one.

    I have all the OPs interested calibers except 7mmmag. My 270 goes hunting more than the rest combined.
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    Lever Action

    I use this 444 Marlin in Ohio. I never been big on leverguns. This year Im going to give my Ruger 44 carbine a go.
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    Winchester model 70 - sporter vs featherweight?

    I would go with a synthetic stock and stainless barrel. i have a 700 xcr2 that has a stainless barrel with a black Nitride (?} coating. Its pretty much bullet proof from what I can tell. Been using it for about 6 years in rain and humid conditions. Im not exactly mr maintinance. I,put it in an...
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    Yah, or Nah

    That is cheap for a rifle and scope. If your just itching to spend $200 I would go ahead and spend it on or save it for something I really wanted or add it to what your planning to spend on something you really want and upgrade. I at the stage that I want less but better quality. A couple...
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    Bigger advantage in a VX-3i Leupold riflescope?

    I like a 40 for a hunting rifle. I had a few 50s but have traded them off for 40s. I view it as a personal preference if your not trying to keep weight down or working up a lightweight rifle.
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    First semi-custom

    Have a great time with it.
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    Used Optics

    I have purchased five scopes off another websites free classified. I look at the sellers post count and I have been pleased with every one I bought. I have bought mostly used scopes with lifetime warranties. Actually all except one all where Leupolds.
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    Late Rifle Scope Recommendation

    Never a wrong choice right here.
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    I put a Timney on my 700. Love it. I went with Timney after i checked out a few my hunting buddies had put on their rifles.
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    Good Hunting Rifle for 15 Year Old Boy (Elk, Deer, Bear)

    I started with a 30-06 and worked my way down.
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    Preferred Rifle Carry System

    Im another Kifaru user. I use it on my MR Sawtooth 45. I got it last year so I dont have a lot of expereience with it. I needed a way to carry my rifle hands free so i could use my treking poles. A sling didnt work for me and having my rifle strapped to my pack was ok but not very handy.
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    8x42 or 8x32 binos

    I would go with the 8x32 since you are still planning to keep the 10x50s. I have the 8.5x42s and used them exclusively for a decade with no regret. I dont do much long range spotting.
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    Need a recipe for whole deer shanks

    Any Osso Bucco recipe will work.
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    New rem 700. Something doesn’t seem right

    When I got my new 700 xcr ii the bolt was not smooth. I had to loosen up the action screws they were way tight. Smooth as silk after. I since replaced the stock with a mcmillan edge and it operates smoothy as well.
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    How are you spending your time?

    I recently lost a lot of weight (160 lbs) and so I completely decluttered all my clothes Of twenty years. Hunting, Fishing and street clothes. Twelve 50 gal bags of crap went to a friend who has a ebay store and five in the trash. I couldnt believe I had that much crap. I got tons of room for...