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    U.S. supreme Court case - Big decision ahead

    Each tribe decides their own rules for who can be a member. I would guess that only members can assert treaty rights, but that’s just a guess. If anyone with lineage can hunt, I’ll be ordering an Ancestry DNA test with overnight shipping.
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    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    Don't you think what he's really doing is angling for a VP pick with this announcement? He can't possibly think he'll get enough attention in a field this crowded, especially after Jim Webb's performance as a moderate in 2016.
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    Favorite NON-Premium Bullet

    I've never been impressed with the velocity of Core-Lokt ammo either. Clocks about 200 fps slow in my rifles. But to answer the question, I like Hornady ILs too.
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    280 Remington

    I've got two as well, plus an AI... Great round.
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    270 wsm ammo

    What caused your disappointment? Too much meat ruined? Bullets not penetrating enough?
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    Metcalf or Pintler

    I have both. The Pintler gets the most use by about 10X because it’s just right for a day pack. But for overnights, it’s the Metcalf all the way.
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    Good to know there’s one out there at least...
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    ...tell me about them 261-50 mountain bucks??? PM's appreciated. I will make a WANTED poster if I have to...
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    7mm WSM

    I think you can create a false shoulder on 300 WSM brass and then fireform, but I've never done it. I laid in a supply of federal ammo when it was cheap on closeout. I'm working my way through it, and when that is gone, I'll reload it.
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    7-08 / Big Game

    90% of the time, this ^^^ But for the 10%, this ^^^
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    Hunting Stories

    A happy story: Not long after daylight, we spotted a forkie mule deer making his way through the sage brush, just on the edge of the rough country. My fiancé wanted to shoot him, so a stalk and a shot ensued. After the shot, the buck ran towards a creek and disappeared. At first, we couldn’t...
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    Hunting Stories

    A sad story: During the summer, I started noticing something was wrong with my 10 year old Brittany. I couldn’t say exactly what, but I’d owned the dog for his whole life. He was my first real bird dog. We set out together for the unknown when I went to college. He slept on the bed every night...
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    7mm WSM

    I didn't realize that comment was so offensive as to have others apologize on my behalf when I made it. Sorry Europe. It was more a commentary than a criticism directed at you, but it must have come out wrong.