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    Arrowed a javelina yesterday

    Good looking pig there FEW. It sounds like you had a grate hunt. I love the rush you get when all hell brakes loose like that.
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    Hunter orange

    I have been shot twice. Once while dove hunting and once in my owen back yard by some fool shooting over the horizon. So I wear it any time I hunt during gun season. Archery is another matter Cammo only.
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    Spring Pig Hunt

    Bigtusker I got your e-mail your price looks good. I was wating for your website. Is it up yet?
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    Spring Pig Hunt

    Hay Bigtusker I would like to talk to you about a archery hunt. I would like to give my son he is 25 a hunt for Christmas that he can take later in the year. You can reach me at cdwaz@hotmail.com
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    Getting Old

    I think I was behind these pepole today in the Safeway in Sun City.
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    Arizona late dove hunt

    Thanks FEW the info realy helps. I think this weekend I will run down to Wide World of Maps and see if I can find a map with the townships that you mentioned. Just to make sure I don't get into truble. Thanks agen
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    Arizona late dove hunt

    FEW I heard about the problem you had in Cave Creek and that they wanted to make some changes in that area. But no one seems to know what is closed or open. It sounds like you just might have been keeping up with what is going on. Do you know what is open or any changes in the regs for that...
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    AZ javalina

    I also got 42M. I'm not sure were I will go this time though. In the past I hunted the Mc Dowell mountains But the last time I was there Scottsdale PD ran me out. Said if he saw me in there agin he would arest me. Can't hunt the west side eather most of that is Peoria and you can't even use a...
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    Arizona late dove hunt

    Is anyone going out this weekend. I plan on taking two of my grandsons out. It looks like I will have to find another new spot this year. They just keep building new homes in all my good spots. Three years ago I could hunt 5 min. from my house. Now I have to drive at least an hour. Maybe even...
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    Arizona Spring Draw Results

    My son and I got archery javelina. My grandson got a juniors only for javelina in unit 20-C
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    back fron his first hunt

    I guess I should have given more info. This was a juniors only for anterless deer only My thought is if you come down on the kid to hard that you might teach him that it might be less truble to just not say any thing and leave the kill in the field. I also feel that the adult with the kid...
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    back fron his first hunt

    Well we made it back from my grandsons first hunt. We saw a lot of deer but none he felt were within his limited range. It was raining when we got to the camp site. But within 30 min. it had stoped. It did'nt rain the rest of the weekend. But it was a little cold for us desart dwelers. On the...
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    My grandsons first deer hunt

    He is 14 and never hunted anything other dove. So this should be a adventure for him. We are leaving tomarrow morning for the Kaibab. When I got to his house to pick him up today at 3:00 he was outside on the front porch with all his stuff ready to go. I sure hope we have good weather (no rain)...
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    Just Got Back From Kaibab.

    Sounds like you had a good trip. Thats a long dirve for only one day of scouting to bad you got rained out. I am leaving on Oct 17 to take my grandson on his first deer hunt (youth hunt does only) I don't know who is the most pumped him or me. When we get back I will post some info on weather...
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    az402 you out there?

    Hi and welcome abord ElkHntinMD. What part of 16A did you get? I have hunted in that section for the last three seasons. The area I hunt is now called 16A/north. If that is your unit shot me a email. I'll be happy to help you any way I can. cdwaz@hotmail.co agen welcome to HT