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    Life with Sweetie

    Do you use a leash in the woods to tie her to the tree? I've never done that because I prefer my dog to follow a timbering squirrel.
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    Outdoor Opportunities

    I've got a chance to relocate with my current employer between three main geographies: Suburban Philadelphia, Gulf Coast of TX south of Houston, and the TRI cities area of MI. Job opportunities have different aspects but the outdoor opportunities vary greatly (I'm guessing). I love squirrel...
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    KY Elk draw was yesterday

    Struck out this year again.
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    Public land squirrel

    Sorry to resurrect this old post, but any tips on when to hunt eastern TX for squirrels? I'm thinking about bringing my dogs from KY and want to get the timing right.
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    Hello from Massachusetts

    I lived outside Boston for two years. Let me know if you want an epic squirrel spot ;)
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    KY public land deer

    Check the ky public hunting info. Many of the lake WMAs have a two day quota rifle hunt only. They don't partake in the statewide rifle season. As a whole, the state has plenty of deer and plenty of deer hunters. I will say the most consistent way to find larger chunks of land with less hunting...
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    AZ Couse Tactics

    Headed out in the AM, I'll post a post-hunt reply to update!
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    Max, My Mountain Feist Pup

    Just wanted to share how Max and I have been progressing. On Saturday Max and I went to the squirrel woods in Central kentucky on some public land. We got to the spot around 9:30 and there were five other trucks in the parking lot thankfully they were deer hunting. It was a cool 50° the high for...
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    Shelter-in-place cooking

    Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? That sounds extremely appetizing.
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    Newbish but determined to learn, AZ hunter

    I see you drew 36 for the oct rifle hunt. I'll be in 30A for the Nov 6-12 hunt. I'm driving in from KY, but if you wanna share a camp your more than welcome to join. I'm no stranger than the average huntalker 😅 I love squirrel hunting too, even got two squirrel dogs during the corona pandemic...
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    Shelter-in-place cooking

    Hank Shaw's venison gravlax. Tried making homemade with salmon before but never tasted good. I love this recipe!
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    Blue Lives Matter

    You forgot this one you cutesy race baiter ;)
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    Blue Lives Matter

    Love it man! I wish more people would challenge themselves and their opinions and try to learn before commenting. Just as a technicality, this publication has been retracted which means withdrawn from publication by the editor of the publication. There are also a couple of letters which are...
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    Blue Lives Matter

    For anyone interested in learning, answering questions and dipping their toes in the academic world 👍 I can post more if anyone wants.
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    Blue Lives Matter

    Definitely makes good meme material lol

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