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    SMOKER: electric or propane

    I have the Masterbuilt electric and love it also. I feel I made the right decision over getting the propane. At least for me anyway. I love the smoker and use it usually at the least once a week! I've made jerky, smoked salmon, beef brisket, rib-eyes, beef roast, pork ribs, macaroni and...
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    6.5 PRC vs. 6.5 Creedmoor, aka the Superman Bun takes on the Man Bun

    6.5-06 and call it good. No fuss no muss and same velocities as the 6.5 PRC.
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    Old/new Ruger m77

    Beautiful rifle in one of the best coyote, deer, antelope cartridges out there. It looks very sharp. A 100 or 105 gr. Accubond sure would be a sweet giant slayer!! David
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    first rifle scope

    I love the Leupold 6x42mm and 6x36mm fixed scopes and they would serve you well. A Leupold 3-10x40mm or a 4.5-14x40mm both with the B&C reticle would also be outstanding.
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    Forgotten Calibers

    My favorite too for coyotes, antelope, and deer. I have a Ruger 1B in 6mm Remington and my son has two rifles in 6mm Remington. One is a Remington Model 600 Montana Centennial made in 1964 with the 18 1/2" barrel that I passed down to him. The other is a Ruger MKII. Both are great...
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    Breed help

    We have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and she's been a fantastic dog. She weighs about 37 pounds and is about 4 years old. Very smart, loves to please, and loves people. She also likes to hunt upland and waterfowl in case you should enjoy doing that. Loves to retrieve and is a...
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    Ruger M77 headed to gunsmith Pillar & Glass bedding. Here you can order pillar's that are pre-cut for the correct angles and depths for Ruger 77 stocks. They can be shortened also if need be for a ultra precise fit. I had...
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    Water proofing leather hunting boots

    Obenaufs or Montana Pitch Blend. Both work fantastic and last a long time on the boots. I apply several coats and in between coats put them on a Peet boot dryer to warm the leather so it penetrates better!
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    Ruger Hawkeye 257 Roberts accuracy issue?

    I bought my son a Ruger MKII in 6mm Remington that shoots very well. I think it's a very well made, solid rifle!
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    6.5-06 barreled action

    6.5-06 would be a screamer with great ballistics. Looks like someone will get a winner. Nice to see the crappy Remington trigger hit the trash can and replaced with something very good too!
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    New Hunting Rifle advice

    Ruger Hawekeye is an excellent solid built rifle. I like the looks and feel of the walnut models and they are good rifles. Winchester Model 70 EW SS or Classic would be a very nice rifle also. My son has the EW SS in 300 WSM. Montana Rifle Company X2 is a very good rifle also. It has the...
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    Filled another spot on the wall

    Great looking mount! Antelope make one of the prettiest mounts there is and don't take up a ton of room. He's a nice buck also. Just beautiful!
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    Favorite boot dressing

    Obenaufs and Montana Pitch Blend are the two best for leather protection and water proofing in my opinion. Nothing else comes close.
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    280 Remington

    I owned a 280 Remington in a Remington 700 MTN rifle. Loved that gun but I wanted a 24" barrel unlike the 22" barrel on that particular rifle. My load was 54.0 grs. of IMR4350 and 140 gr. Accubonds or Partitions. It really shot great. 2940 fps chronographed out of the 22" barrel. I...
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    The perfect rifle almost.

    280 Remington - hard to beat! The mountain rifle is a great rifle too. It carries nice and shoots great. One thing I did learn with it is with the light weight from the bench it is critical to use good form with each shot to be able to shoot good groups. My rifle liked IMR4350 and...