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    SITKA WHO?????

    Sorry for the wife's loss. She did a great job on the antelope. Very pretty buck! Should European or do a pedestal mount for your wife on that big bugger!
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    Wife's Moose

    That's fantastic. Moose whole in the back of the pickup is what we call "cashing in a coupon"!!
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    Wife’s montana antelope

    Congratulations to her on the antelope and one fine shot! The 6.5-06 is a real peach of a cartridge!
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    Bobcat Hunting Outlawed in California

    They took away mountain lion hunting, now bobcats. One piece at a time. Pretty soon it will be mule deer or Roosevelt elk, or black bears. One at a time and no-one will notice. Pretty soon all game will be off the table. Where are the Wildlife officials working for game departments when...
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    Wyoming Bighorn sheep

    Nice looking ram. Way to go!
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    Big Montana Billy Goat (pics added)

    AWESOME! Great hunt, pictures and story.
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    A Dream Becomes Reality

    Awesome hunt and great pictures to go along with it. Beautiful and congratulations on a great trip.
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    Surprise Gift

    Very nice gift! That's something special.
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    WTB Nosler Accubond 165 gr bullet

    Go to Shooter's Pro Shop and check there.
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    Cartridge question

    The E-tips would be a great bullet as would the Accubond or Partition. They all would work just perfectly fine and kill moose. All good bullets.
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    243 BC

    A 90 gr. Nosler Accubond or a 95 or 100 gr. Partition would both work well on game, hold together/retain weight, and penetrate nicely.
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    nosler accubond question

    Exactly what he said! The 165 gr. Accubond or Partition is all I EVER shoot in my 30-06 and it will work just as well in your 308!
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    Your Favorite Rifle

    I have to say a Winchester Model 70 Classic Sporter I had customized and made into a 280 AI with a Shilen Match barrel. I used it to harvest a beautiful grizzly bear in August above the Arctic Circle. One shot with a 140 gr. Accubond!!
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    New Addition to the Home

    Beautiful mount of a fantastic animal. I bet there was a lot of good eating off of that guy!
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    New WBY Caliber

    About the same as fps as what's available from the 6.5-06 which is already a terrific cartridge. It doesn't have the sharp shoulder or anything but the 6.5-06 is an excellent cartridge. It would make a neat one and have the sharp shoulder if they would have made it a 6.5-06 AI, man bun...