Zumbo's Response


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Aug 20, 2003
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The only video of his I've seen was a sheep hunt with outfitter Nate Vance in NW WY probably 10-12 years ago. He looked to be capable of getting around fine back then. Did see his TV show a few times, and frankly didn't think it was that good. The only elk hunt I saw him in was on Three Forks Ranch in NW Co, a RFW hunt that obviously wasn't too physically demanding.

As far as his hunts on TV, I sure haven't seen him do anything remotely related to the "ranch" hunts in high-fenced areas that you see on some other shows.

I have enjoyed his Outdooer Life articles since I was a little kid. I realize they are pretty generic, but they were pretty entertaing to us who were too young and lived in the wrong place to enjoy getting to do that kind of hunting. Also liked his "To Heck With..." books. Unless he was just flat lying, he at least used to participate in lots of "on his own" public land hunts.

I'm also guessing he had to do something right at one time in order to have gotten his gig with OL.

He isn't the only one whose shows involve private land hunts. If you are going to pounce him, you might as well denounce the Realtree, Mossy Oak, Christensen Arms, etc, etc, etc.

Never met or spoke to the man, but I bet he does plenty of "real" hunts that we don't see.

And I'm glad you guys love those application forms. And yes, I do fill my own out each year.

Let's talk about something else now and quit arguing about this.


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Dec 9, 2000
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denounce the Realtree, Mossy Oak, Christensen Arms, etc, etc, etc.
We do :D :D

Now I'm not as Extreeem as Buzz but I do believe what Buzz is Saying to a point. I do believe he is out for the Money. And Unlike Buzz, I'd do the Same thing. So I can't bock at him doing it. I don't have any issues with people wacking big ass elk all day long on a Private Ranch to plug a new PAir of PAnts they are trying to sell. HELL, there are Millions of People that will buy those pants because if Some endorser pushes it and Shot a 400 Class bull, It must have been the Pants ;)

That part DOES make me Chuckle, but I would do it in a Heart beat. I wouldn't , although , call myself a ELK Expert if I only hunted that way. Most people though , And I'm guessing Zumbo did too, had to "Ligitimately" wack a few Critters on their Own before they were handed the Golden spoon. And if he "WAS" a good Elk hunter prior to getting older and a bit Fatty ... Jsut going off comments, I truely don't know what he looks like nor Read any of his stuff ... then he should be Able to keep his title about knowing his Chit.

Even Good Boxers get old and Fat... but should be still called the Best boxers of their time.