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George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
These are from the coyote hunt yesterday 1/17/01 The dogs are Diamond,my running walker female and Tiny,the little redtick that belongs to my buddy Alan.I am holding the coyote up in one pic and the other pic shows me,Alan,Jimmy and Diamond and Tiny.


George-Thats a big ole dog coyote!!!!!! Nice looking hounds too! Looks like alot of fun to me! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Thanks bcat,It weighed about 37 lbs.that is a decent one around buddy took one this week that weighed 58lbs on offical scales.Now thats a good one !!!
Like I described before,coyote hunting around here is really more like big game hunting than varmit hunting.If we had more bobcats around here I would probably spend more time hunting them.With the coyotes we almost always get a run,and boy they do run!!
Half the fun is rushing around,talking on the radios,trying to figure out where the dogs are heading and trying to get there first.A couple of years ago it was pretty much just my buddy Alan and me around here.Now sometimes we have 6 or 7 guys going.Alan and I are still the only ones with dogs but I kind of like that at times.Our dogs always get a chase that way.
Great pictures. I can't think of a better way to spend time, except with my newborn son. WE run Croghan bred running walkers. We also run some Liqour bred dogs. WE run on the outside in Northern Michigan.
Coyote bum,My buddys up Maine all run Crogan bred hounds.I have had a couple myself.They seem to make good gun dogs.My coyote hunting fanatic friend has about 7 or 8 all crogan bred dogs.He obviously loves them.
George P
The trail your standing on in that picture.
Is it the one going from the bottom of the old ski slope heading for my old house????
If it is I will let you in on a secret seeing I will probably never deer hunt down there again.About a 1/2 mile in on that trail theres a brook that runs down from 2nd hill.
That is the best deer Xing.I could put a hunter there and within 20 minutes have a deer by him.Thus we named the brook (Blood brook)

We having fun yet//Tobey
hntrjohn,you never know.Sometimes they will flat out run straight out to try and get away.Other times they will hold their ground unless the hounds start to put the teeth to them.
I think,around here anyway,they just run and try to lose the dogs most of the time.Sometimes they are 10 minutes in front of the hounds,sometimes the dogs are looking at them.You just never know until you run that coyote.

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