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Dec 13, 2017
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I also have a deer tag for region R this year. I did a quick scouting trip this summer in the northern few units (north of HWY 14) and have a few areas circled on the map. However, if anyone has some experience in this area I’d love to pick your brain.
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Jul 17, 2016
Well fellas, if anyone sees a dark green Dodge Ram 1500 putzing around the northern part of Region R, stop me and say hi.


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Dec 10, 2018
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Got back from Wyoming last weekend. I will type up a quick report from our trip here:

Thursday afternoon 10/13 we arrived in SE Unit 46. We hiked up into the mountains about 4 miles and found a good camping spot. Got camp situated that night and went out for a scouting day glassing session on Friday. There was a crazy amount of deer and elk sign on the mountain, but it all seemed to be about 1 or 2 weeks old. Didn't see anything all day on Friday. Saturday (opening day) we got to our glassing spots super early and sat all day with nothing to show for it again. We decided that after 2 full days of checking out the area and not seeing any deer (or much wildlife at all for that matter) that it was time to pack it up and head to our Plan B spot. We were happy to get the backcountry type experience we were hoping for in unit 46, even though we hadn't seen any deer. Sunday morning we cleaned up camp and hiked back to the truck. We ended up seeing 7 cow elk and a muley doe closer to the truck.
We drove to our Plan B spot in Unit 47. We accessed this area from the north (Shell, WY) on Trapper Creek road. The road was an absolute nightmare, and I do not recommend it. If you don't have sufficient ground clearance or 4WD, forget it, you're going to be in trouble. We later realized that we could have accessed the area much easier from the south, as the southern portion of the road is much more tame, but not great by any means. Anyway, although we weren't quite to our desired location yet, we picked a safe spot to pull over to take a break from the rough road and put a game plan together at least for the evening and following morning. We finally saw some deer on Monday morning at this location. 7 does about 1.5 miles away, and 2 small bucks within shooting range. The bucks were an 18" wide 2X3 and a 14" wide 3X3, both with pencil racks (no mass). There was still lots of time to hunt, so we decided to pass on them. After the morning sit, we continued (slowly) down the road to our desired location.
We arrived to where we wanted to be in time for an evening glassing session. I think we saw about 35 deer between the two of us that evening, with all but one being does. The buck that I saw was a respectable 3X3 that I would have been happy to take, unfortunately before I could put a game plan together, he was shot at (an I think missed) by another hunter. Neither of us ever saw him again. We spent the entire day Tuesday at this same location, hoping to see another decent buck, but all we saw were does and a spike. We hunted here Wednesday morning with the same results, and decided to make one more move Wednesday afternoon to a final location in Unit 47.
We got to our final spot early afternoon on Wednesday and headed out to glass for the evening. Again, between the 2 of us we spotted about 20 does, but no bucks. At this point we only had one full day left to hunt, so we decided that it was time to start thinking about shooting one of the does we were seeing in order to take some meat home. Thursday morning at first light I spotted a group of 3 does about 700 yards from me and was able to get to 220 yards and take one of the mature does from the group. My buddy was able to take a mature doe that evening as well. We headed for home as soon as we got his doe in the cooler.

Unit 47 is one of the only units in Region R that allow taking a doe with the general tag, and I can see why now. The buck to doe ratio in that area is way out of whack. We estimated a buck to doe ratio no better than 1:75, which is crazy. Overall, it was an awesome experience, and I can't wait to get back out there, but can't help but feel a little disappointed with the lack of buck sightings. Maybe the weather was to blame? High 60's low 70's every day.

Thank you to everyone on here who helped point me in the right direction, I appreciate it!
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