Wyoming Lotto ‘23- Moose Draw

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Well, after 9 days looking at a couple dozen moose (bulls and cows) I took my once in my lifetime Wyoming Shiras bull on Oct 4. He was in elk country, on the western edge of Jelm Mountain. I became known as the ‘guy with the moose tag’ in our Brooklyn lake campground. Just East of the Snowy range pass, I met some great people, heard some not so great stories, and eventually received a tip about my bull down by Jelm. I hunted solo; hunted with my son and also with my brother in law. In the end, both were with me, which was awesome and made this hunt very special. (Especially during the nighttime field dressing and packout, which thankfully was short and dry.)
We received a tip from some CO hunters that Id met in early September. They were back up and actually came to the campground looking for me to tell me of this bull they spotted a week before. We were headed to the Vedauwoo East of Laramie area to look around and just happened to bump into them. My son had texted me the prior evening he was coming up the next day after classes, I didnt get the text until our way down, we made a plan to meet up after we looked over Vedauwoo and came back to Laramie. We grabbed some fuel, lunch and headed SW. Jelm is @35 miles from Laramie. We parked Ryan’s Tacoma at the base
and were driving up the mountain towards the location where this bull had been seen a week prior. We met an airman, who was on his way down. He was deer hunting. ‘Do you have a moose tag?’ Yes, yes I do!
He had just seen him and offered to show us where, of course he wasn’t there. We hunted a couple quakey filled draws but never found him. We did find a smaller bull, but he wasnt even a candidate. We continued up the road and followed some Iowans up to the UW observatory. They were also deer hunting, and like us at the moment,sight seeing from the top. Incredible view of the Laramie plains!

We left them and headed back to hunt the general area we were in before. The Iowans met us again, and two were going to hike around the ridge to look for a buck. These guys were very polite and offered to back off when they saw us, I said more eyes the merrier! Indeed a half an hour later they came back up and said they spotted the bull. They led us down the mountain to a pullout, and told us where he was. They asked if they could observe, ‘Hell yes, you found him’ I replied. So six of us hiked along the circumference of the hill for a couple hundred yards until we reached the aforementioned draw. We located the bull near the opposite ridgeline about 250 yds away. He looked bigger than any of the bulls I’d seen up to that point, he had brow tines and I said this is him, especially considering that my son and bil were with me. I moved a few yards down the hill to a standing dead pine and chose my lane. I had to pick a shot thru the branches. As soon as he cleared the quakie patch he was in, I verified the range and put a 225 gr partion through his shoulders. I did not want him moving down the face of this mountain!! He dropped at the shot, my son let out a whoop and the ‘crowd’ started cheering! Just then my brother in law said ‘he’s moving!’ I put the crosshairs back on him and saw that he had gotten his rear legs under him. I put another round through his ribs and he was down for good. More celebrations ensued. We all drove back around to the other ridgeline and hiked down to ‘our’ bull. The warden at the check station said he had never heard of a bull moose…any moose taken off Jelm Mtn. I used my .338 Win mag Sako AV carbine, 225 grain partitions being pushed by RE 16. I found one slug stuck in the hide of his neck. This was the finishing shot.
I may have missed it in the thread but are you a resident or non resident? I’m trying to decide what state to start applying in. Nice bull!
Resident of 61+ years. 27 preference points, over 40 years applying. Save up, go to AK or CA. Apply to WY for the rare chance of a random draw.
0 chance of nonresident random draw this year, and likely 0 chance until they change the nonresident draw process.
0 chance of nonresident random draw this year, and likely 0 chance until they change the nonresident draw process.
This will just about be assured to take away any chance of a random tag for NR sheep if a NR draws either the tri-fecta or the sheep raffle tag. The statute has been in effect since the super raffles were put into law, GF forgot about the rules, ignored it until now. They got a pretty heavy reminder last year and it's now going to be in regulation. There's a couple easy ways to fix the problem to have random tags. Another thing to consider is spending $150-$300 a year on the super raffle for sheep and moose.

(ii) If a nonresident applicant wins a Super Tag License raffle for a bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat or wild bison, the applicant shall be required to purchase their Super Tag License by March 15 of that year so the license may be counted against the nonresident quota.

(iii) If a nonresident applicant wins the Super Tag Trifecta License raffle and chooses to select either a bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat or wild bison license, the applicant shall be required to select the individual species and purchase their license(s) by March15 of that year so the license(s) may be counted against the nonresident quota.
Obviously Wyoming no longer wants or needs NR's hunting money or presence.
That's sad for those of us who don't reside there, but it's done now.
On to bigger and better things for me!
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