Wy Unit 16 elk


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May 5, 2012
Wasatch mountains, Utah
Hey fellas - I decided to put my points towards this tag and was lucky enough to draw it.

I know that private land is a big issue here. Im HOPING to spend a ton of time hunting there in Sep with my bow and my 2 oldest boys (10 and 7).

Anyone here have experience on this unit? Would love to chat with you, pm me if you would be so kind.

Im going to be taking a few solid scouting trips out there this summer. Im all ears for places to start looking.

Im so excited to have a good tag! Wyoming is a beautiful state and I can't wait to be up there in the clean air glassing for elk. Thats as good as life gets in my opinion.

Thanks guys, good luck to all this year.


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Aug 9, 2012
Good luck.

Make sure you keep us updated on the scouting and hunt, we see endless people come on here and ask for information and then disappear into cyber space.


cur dog

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Feb 20, 2011
My buddy had that tag last year. We hunted the first week of rifle and ended up striking out. The Shirleys hold the bulk of the elk herd along with 98% of the hunters. We tried hunting some other areas that we've seen elk in previous years while deer and antelope hunting. It seems between archery pressure and cattle gathering the elk had left those areas early. If I decide to draw that area next year, I would definately go during archery season. As you probably know Q Creek Ranch owns a massive amount of land in the area. I've talked with the guy who runs their hunts. Their hunt is priced ok, when compared with other private ranch hunts in Wyoming, but still a big chunk of change. Send me a PM and I'd be happy to share other info with you.