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Women Representation


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Oct 14, 2016
Markesan, WI
I'm almost afraid to post this article I got in the mail today in my quarterly addition of Wisconsin natural resources magazine...10 pages of stories and photos regarding the female hunters in Wisconsin. Shall I dare to? lol



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Sep 17, 2020

While the article brought up a couple great points, it fell pretty short for me. It didnt really help in normalizing women hunters as it just kind of sensationalized them while talking about women helping to sell things as well as just focusing on looks. As this article is written from the point of view of someone from outside the hunting world looking in, I cant help but wonder if this is the view of women hunters.


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Aug 4, 2019

I am sorry you deleted your comment. You are correct, if I remember it correctly. Some women hunt, some accompany their husbands, and some "have" hunted and may again. But I have known men who would hunt something every day of their life if it was possible, others enjoy hunting once or twice a year, and some "enjoyed" going hunting and may do it again someday.

I know you made two posts with no responses, but right now the guys and girls are zeroed in on hunting and it is possible they had not even noticed your posts. Plus so many post once or twice and are never heard from again, and with hunting season in full swing---priorities , priorities :)


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Aug 14, 2019
North Idaho
My mother hunted. Not in this Cover Girl & IG way. She killed meat and brought it home. No fanfare and no one made anything over it. My sister too. Why is this suddenly such a big deal?
She can go her own way, but I'm bringing up my granddaughter to be like my mother and sister. They can still turn heads when they want (sometimes when they don't ), and be up to their elbows in blood when they want. It has never been about followers.

The pertinent question for me is - WTH is anyone using Social Media to build a brand around hunting? While not the most readable article for a short attention spanner like me, it says more to me about the " huntstagrammers " culture than gender at all.

@Big Fin being the happy exception, most of these types are merely exploiting the animals and the lands for their own profit. All of this hunting media, regardless of the gender of the creator, demeans our culture and disrespects the animals. It's hard to see the difference between some hunting content creators and a Utah strip miner. A "hunting" industry is like unto any extractive industry. It exploits a resource held in the common trust.

There is some absolutely abhorrent content out there. There are males and females cluttering this market who lower all our IQs every time they deign to speak for us. Just shut up, please.

I don’t know about females ostracizing more than males, I know I have met loads of people I’ve judged as hunters and thought of tons I would/wouldn’t hunt with.
My wife often reminds me that I cannot give my granddaughter the kind of BS I give my hunting buddies when she is hunting with me. Mrs45 feels that being as hard on her as I was on my sons may put dents in her tiara.
That's exactly why I do it. To show her that her value to me (and hopefully to herself) has nothing to do with being a princess. She's a baddass.

Some women dont seem to understand that we can not stand up to pee, so dont fight it for crying out loud.
IDK - I lost a distance contest to a gal once at a bonfire down by the river. But that's another story.

don’t forget the slight dribble of Copenhagen spit.
It was a cowgirl who got me started dipping. It took me 45 years to quit.

All these glib comments to say that in the field, any differences we find are there because we brought them with us. Deer don't care what brand of eye makeup we are wearing. They don't bring gender issues to the pursuit.

To play Captain Obvious - None of this has anything to do with hunting, and everything to do with branding. I'm betting the gals in the article had a bump in their IG analytics as a result.

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