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Coyote Slayer

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Jan 17, 2001
I do Adc work here in alaska and spend moast of my winters in the bush I have a few wolves for sale and a extra large wolverine and a lot of Lynx for sale all are green and done for Tax. work the best wolf is a blue silver if any body is interested you can reach me at [email protected] thanks and have a great day
Coyote Slayer... Welocme to The Board!!! I was just Curious what a hide Would cost. You ca nPost it or Email me at [email protected]

Actually I would like to Go up there and Get my own some day.....

Welcome to HuntTalk Once again!!!!
well thank you for the welcome,I have a few grays,and a few blackgray's and the blue the blue is the moast expensive I would like $1000 for her becous of the color the grays are between 2 and 3 hundred depending on the size and the gray black i would like 3 hundred. the Lynx are between 45 and 125 i have a few large toms all have good colorI also have a very large wolverine I would like 450 for him. well you all have a great weekend
oh Coyote slayer .. how I would love to see the lynx! do you mean the fur or do you mean the animal stuffed? Could I see a picture! bet i sure can't afford but I would so like to see what your talking about ~
Hey RB,
The Lynx Slayer is talking about is Green Fur it was skinned fleshed and dried. As for pictures I dont think he has any as of yet but I will give him a call and see for sure.
Also for those wondering I have seen Slayers work personally he Puts extreme care into putting up fur everything is done to taxidermy quality all ya Need to do is have it tanned and put on a form all the pads and claws are there on most it.I say most of it to cover my butt Everything I have seen him do had it done. I have Known him for quite awhile now and Have yet to see someone put as much care into their fur as he does.
Green fur is Just that green.LOL...... No RB green fur is fur that has been stretched and dried it still needs to be tanned
Green YUK.. rotten fur huh.. well now let me see if you can fix that green problem and just sorta sew a few into a FUR COAT for me... now THAT we could talk about :D :D
OHHH a Lynx Fur Coat... *sigh of pure bliss at the very thought* !!!!!!!!!!
Dear RB
green is a turm that deals with a type of the fur. Green means it has to tanned it is not rotten in the green state it can last up 5 to 8 years be fore it starts to loose hair and be eaten by bugs. where as a tanned fur may last up to a lifetime with no problems the fur in your coat is a tanned fur and coats are made out of matching fur so the color will match and you get a great looking coat,I hope i have helped you in your question:Coyote Slayer

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