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Wild Hogs

The Viperess

New member
May 27, 2001
Ok my 11 year old son wants to hunt hog really bad. so I need all the info I can get.

He wants to hunt them with a crossbow. so I need all the help I can get.
Where are you planning on hunting them? I'm not familiar with Ohio to know if there are places to hunt them wild or if there are only hunting preserves. I know that there are lots of places offering pig hunts in Tennessee. The other question will also have to be answered by someone familiar with where you want to go, and that is if the crossbow is legal. In a lot of areas, there are no regulations regarding hogs as they are considered feral pests. So let us know some more info and we can get more specific.
Good luck!
I can't help much with Ohio but just south of San Antonio is a place where you can get hogs for $120 ( 3 of them ) and the out of state liscense is $35 and crossbow is legal, and I have been there and seen lots of hogs. He would have a very good chance in a few days of hunting I would think. If interested you could e-mail me and I'll look up their phone number.