Who likes hunting the low country?


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Who loves hunting the land under 1000 foot sea level after deer. Heck we can be in tree stands and be over bait piles and food plots. :cool: :D

Boy I cant wait. Now if only I can have a ATV to ride up to the tree I would be in heaven.

Hey I just feel left out on the other thread. ;)

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I'm close to that Nut... I hunt around the 6,500Ft mark. It's not High country but still not the Under 1k mark either :D
I hunted down around yuma az under the 1k mark.
did not see the numbers of deer that I see in the higher elevations. but when you actual saw a buck they where nice even though they had skinny horns.
LOL Tim...Matter of fact, I would have to dig a little over four thousand feet to make it to where Fred calls home. I wonder if I put a stand up if I would get any thing... ;) :D
Russ, I am always on the ground here in Ohio. So tree climbing is actually out for me while hunting with the boys(Darren has one I was in last fall though).

See at least here I am not afraid of getting a nose bleed because of the heights. :D
I think the lowest point in Mt is 1500" that is way west on the Idaho border? I do hunt the low country< I call them upside down mountians ,The River brakes. They are all the way down to 2500'.
I think I'm at 'bout 3500 sittin in my livin' room.Lowland to me is the Stillwater river where I do most of my deer huntin' thats 'bout 3200 or so. Hunted the cabinet Mt's at 10,000 a couple times. West Side Highlander
fred they make buddy stands that have enough room ( and seats) for 2 people.i would only suggest using them on private land though. i put one up on public land last year and even tammed by 3 locks and chains it still walked off. bastard even took my chains and locks.i guess he thought if i didnt see them i wouldnt know the stand was gone.
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