Which rangefinder for Archery?

I have the original 400 but am going to upgrade for the scout 600. It will fit in your pocket and it is light too.
I run on instinct!!!!Sorry!!!
I have the nikon 800 and dont care for it for 3 reasons, it takes AAA instead of AA that i carry for my gps. AAA the batteries dont last long AT ALL!, The battery door falls off if you look at it wrong, in fact its come off in my pack a few times and i finally lost it. And last is the button for use is so easy to push it gets pushed in you tight filled daypack and run the battery dead. Stay away from it. I am thinking of selling it and getting a newer one this summer. Bushnell makes one with a 9v and is slightly smaller. I dont need one that goes over 400yrs either. I dont own a 50cal so i dont need to know whats at 800 yrds!
anyone got the new bushnell they can give a report on??
I borrowed my dad's Bushnell 300 last year and really liked it. I doubt he will let me use it again. It added to my confidence knowing how far the animals were. I was able to mark a bull at 98 yards and then again at 65. Before I shot my bull, I marked 3 trees surrounding my area at 30 yards 40 and 45 yards. He came in to the left of me at 20 yards so I didn't end up needing it.

I also marked my buck at 210. I've got to by one for myself because I did get great use out of it and it was light to carry.