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Jan 23, 2003
I'm new to this site, just found it yesterday. Anyway, I am an avid bowhunter. Bowhunting rutting elk is my all time favorite thing to do. I'm planning the next years hunt before the current hunt is even over. I actually start planning two years in advance and dream of it every day.

I like shooting 3-D's and got pretty good at it for a while. Then I got married, had kids and no time. My kids are starting to get old enough to take them along so I'm trying to go to a few more.

I'm 35 live in Utah. I try to hunt elk out of state every other year if not every year. I've hunted Idaho twice, put in for Wyoming this year (Cross your fingers)Maybe next year I'll try Colorado depending on what happens this year???

Here is a pic of my first elk

And my first bull

I hope to get a bigger one this year!
Cool pictures BT. Glad you are on board. Where bouts in Wy. you trying for?

BTW, I am transplanted to Wyoming from New York and do not bow hunt.
Hey great pics...There are a lot of us on the board that love to bow hunt...I am a wildland fire fighter now, so don't get to sneek up in the mountains in the first part of the season to bow hunt cause my pager won't work and I am on call..All well..thanks for the pics...
Well.. I'm from Idaho. I don't Bowhunt as much as I should. But I like getting elk too

Welcome aboard. What part of Utah are ya from ?

Awsome pictures man !! Glad you're aboard !!
I'm from California.
I just got into bow hunting this past year. I ended up getting a buck too, he was about 18" wide and it's a 4x3. In 2004 I'm hoping to do my first archery elk hunt. Welcome aboard, and thanks for the pictures!!
us okies bowhunt, too. firearms deer season is only 9 days long, same for muzzleloader, so in OK if you want to hunt much at all (and enjoy more liberal limits), you gotta bow hunt!
Thats not fair! You can't say I look like someone if I don't know who they are. Thats just playing dirty

I'm from Ogden area
Welcome Black Timber!

I'm originally from eastern Idaho. Moved to the Boise area, then transplanted to Reno. Bowhunting rutting Idaho bulls is the best thing in the world.

I dropped out of the 3 D shoots for a few years, but now I'm getting into them again with my 6 and 4 year old sons.

T bone
Great Pictures.
Welcome to hunttalk.
We are a hunting family that is into bow's and rifle's.
We shoot 3-Ds ,its hard to stop once you get going ,alot like hunting .

Im in Meridian Idaho, abit to close to that moosie guy
I just found this site as well! Looks good so far. I'm from SE Michigan and hunt Whitetails and small game with the bow so far, but want to bowhunt elk one day. That's why I'm here! Lotsa westerners here so I figure I can learn some tips for when I get the chance to hunt out there. Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard Blacktimber!
Good pics! You do look like Mirandas Kin though!
Anyway, originally from New York State, I'm a bowhunting NUT! Stationed in Maryland right Now! Just started chasing Elk with my Bow this year!

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