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Mar 4, 2004
POWELL, Wyo. —A man has been charged with killing 11 elk northeast of Jackson in one of the worst poaching cases local Game and Fish Department wardens can remember.

Elliot Hudson, 20, of Jackson, faces up to 21 years in prison and jail if convicted of the one felony and 11 misdemeanors filed against him.

Hudson is accused of poaching 11 elk in the Gros Ventre River drainage Nov. 24. Witnesses reported the incident to Game and Fish wardens, who questioned Hudson with Jackson police at the scene.

Hudson allegedly told officers he had no guns, but police said they found two rifles in his Jeep Cherokee that matched bullets lodged in the elk.

Further evidence included a video allegedly filmed by Hudson.

''The cassette in part shows several dead elk, a crippled calf elk and audio comments indicating that poaching is illegal and the heinous nature of killing the elk by poachers,'' G&F investigator Fred Herbel said.

Hudson was charged with felony property destruction and 11 misdemeanor counts of wanton destruction of a big game animal and taking big game animals during closed season.

''I've never seen anything like this,'' G&F warden Bill Long said. ''Recovering all those dead elk made me sick. The individual that did this was not a hunter. This act had nothing to do with hunting. This was just killing.''

Game and Fish wardens worked through a snow storm to salvage the meat from 10 of the 11 elk, donating it to needy families in the Jackson area.
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The man who was charged with one of Wyoming's worst poaching cases ever will spend a year in jail and pay a hefty fine. The case reached a plea agreement last month. David Elliot Hudson of Jackson shot eleven elk last November in the Gros Ventre valley northeast of Jackson. He was charged with 9 counts of wanton destruction big game animals, and 2 violations of the winter range statute. of The 20 year-old is currently in the Teton County Jail. He was fined $11,000. Circuit Court Judge Tim Day also ordered him to pay $11,000 restitution, and forfeit his weapons and his hunting and fishing license privileges for life.

Which was posted on "Poaching incodent - Is this hard enough? " thread. Another guy was charged for shooting 1 Wolf and got about the same fine.

A Lewiston, Idaho, man pleaded guilty in Federal Court on July 29, 2004, to
the killing of a gray wolf. Robin Shafer, after pleading guilty, was
sentenced and ordered to serve one year of probation with nationwide
revocation of hunting privileges, and to pay $21,252 in civil restitution
to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.