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Welcome Bruce Kennedy

Crow Woman

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Jun 9, 2003
Covington, PA
I see you slipped in just behind Danny. Enjoy and tell us some stories on hunting or about Danny
We'll listen to them both
That picture has a lot of miles on it.

Danny looks like just a fifty something kid. What year was it you had that BBQ Bruce?
Now that's a lie, I wasn't born till 43 lol. The guy in that picture looks like some surfer from Malibu. As you all know, I'm a predator hunter, we always wear camo.
Hey Bruce, with this new wife I got, she has really cleaned me up. I got new teeth lol, I stopped smoking, I got new clothes, a motor home, a new jeep, a new truck, a new gun, and I gained 30 lbs. Should I keep this one? lol
Dang, Danny, KEEP HER?? Heck, as soon as I hit the submit button, I am on the phone to the Pope! Yes Sir, I am going to nominate her for "Sainthood."

Err, Danny, I see one word missing there; you still do partake of a "coolie" now and then, don't you?

As you know, we have plenty of room to park any of that, so bring the Mrs's over and we look forward to meeting her.

Take care.
Hi Bruce,
This is Danny's BETTER half. Thank you for my nomination, had I known what I was in for, I might have run back east. lol Anyways, Danny has spoken of you often and thinks very highly of you.
I'll tell you one thing, not many predator callers could have lured a wildlife rehabilitator/falconer(not animal rights btw) from Massachusetts into his den in the desert and kept her there. Amazingly, we both have similar beliefs on wildlife management(except I can't pull the trigger).

Lastly, Danny still did keep one bad habit, he still is a big Budweiser fan(you'd never know it by the absence of a beer belly).
Nice to meet you Bruce, Charlene Batastini
Hi Mrs. Danny... uhmm... after looking at the picture Bruce posted, just a little adice...

Hide your pantyhose!!!


Kewl Pic Bruce... It gives me something to work for. Why those legs would look great in a pair of my skorts!