Wall Hangers moose - 2000


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Here is the moose that Wall Hangers got this past season in Wyoming. Story & details to follow.


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This hunt was a very fun hunt because I had drawn a bull moose tag, which are extremely hard to draw and I got to hunt with my oldest son Mark . Mark and I don`t get to hunt together much because he is a guide for a local outfitter, and is busy guiding at the same time I`m doing my hunting. I shot this 43 7/8" bull on the third day of our hunt. We had seen three or four other bull, of smaller size. On a evening hunt we were riding out after watching a pond, folling the creek that drained from it when I caught a glimpse of an antler down in a deep part of the creek. Mark held the horses while I put the sneak on the bull. As I looked over the bank I could sell this decent bull standing in the willows unaware of me, I put a round in my 300 win. mag. and just as I was raising my rifle up this larger bull stepped up out of the creek and pushed the bull I was watching out of his road. So I pulled down on him and fired. When he went down he stumbled sideways and fell in the creek.
Wallhangers, great pic and story. I bet it was quite a thrill having both of those bulls under you like that.

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That was the last act of defience on his part,( the moose that is). He was shot about 10 yards from the creek and he made it to the creek to tip over. Cold feet and hands by the time we got back to camp.
Being the Mrs. Wall Hangers I was very excited that he got his Moose. I've never had Moose before and I love it, even are kids eat it. I put in for my Moose tag this year so hopefully I will get drawn, it's the best game meet I've eaten so far. Good job Wall Hangers on a great hunt.

Uhhhh Deer, Antelope, Bear ?!?!?!?!

Uh seen so many animals that you've taken I can't remember them all!!!!

Being one that Likes Moose,
Kudos to ya!!!!

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Wall Hangers,

Good job!!! You guys who draw these moose
tags make the rest of of quite envious.hehe
That baby has a nice rack! Hope to get a
shot at bullwinkle someday.

That is a beautiful shiras moose! CONGRATS! How does he eat? I shot one this year and it's pretty tough chewing, but good meat.