Tripod for binocular?


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Dec 27, 2012
Do you typically use a tripod for binoculars when set up and glassing for elk? Or do you just rest on your knees?
I use it for a spotter - havent found 10x bins on the tripod to be worth it.
Carry my bog pod 90% of the time in the field to shoot off of. Added a quick detach mount for my binos years ago. I wouldn't call it necessary but it sure makes life easier.20240615_211311.jpg20240615_211326.jpg
Tripod with spotter - yes. Tripod with my 10x binos - not yet.

If I ever upgrade to a 12x bino, I think I'll go with a Tricer tripod and fluid head set up. Looks very lightweight and sturdy.
When glassing, I nearly always am using a tripod with my binoculars. It takes an extra 30 seconds to set up--and see a whole lot more.
The area I mostly elk hunt I don’t glass much due to how thick it really is. I still carry my binos just no tripod. If I hunted a more open area I’d pack my tripod every day
Tripod when glassing big areas, didn’t feel it was needed until I upgraded binoculars (10x Leica). Now I’m annoyed if I don’t have a tripod, just miss details.
Went to a tripod with the binos 10 years ago for extended glassing sessions. Game changer. I'm a bit of a gram weannie, but a tripod is worth every bit of added weight, in my experience. Makes glassing more effective, less tiring, and just better. More time behind the glass equals more game spotted for me.
yep never without, 10x or 12x.

hunting is mostly glassing, and glassing without a tripod well, frankly isn't glassing.
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