Tracker ATV


Jul 24, 2010
E. Idaho
Interesting you mentioned carb issues. I have had a few friends mention that the electronic fuel injection was giving them troubles and the dealers service centers could not get the problems figured out.
Not surprising. We purchased the cheap model that didn't have FI at the time. Seems everyone now has gone to FI on every model?


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May 19, 2019
So not going to say I'm any kind of expert on ATV's. I'm not... With that, I spent the last year looking for a machine myself. The vast majority of my friends either farm or ranch. A good friend of mine also owns a atv dealership. Several to be exact. So I differently seen two sides of this. The farmers for the most part,had Honda's or Polaris. To a T, the Polaris owners commented how they felt the reliability of their machines just wasn't there. They do not hold their resale value in this area at all. Honda owners almost all commented how reliable they were and hold their resale value.

Here is what my dealer friend passed on. Main thing he told me was to be honest what I want the machine for and buy to my needs.
Honda - Reliability and great resale value. They tend to be a little basic compared to some other manufactures regarding options.
Yamaha- If I remember right, he mentioned it has a great engine design.
Suzuki- Does everything good, but no one area great. Dealer network is a little smaller than; Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki so that is something to keep in mind. One reason you don't hear about them as much. This is the brand i went with. No reason,other than I got a great deal on a clean solid machine.
Kawasaki- Similar to the Suzuki. Good at a lot, but great at nothing.
Arctic Cat - I believe he was big on the transmission. I think... Did mention that they can be a little bit of a money pit brand.
Can Am - There was something specific to them he liked, but I can not remember. Sorry. I believe he mentioned they do lack a little power. They are technically no longer Can Am.
Polaris- Best riding machine out there. But they are cheap on the secondary market for a reason. A money pit.

I personally was open to all the brands listed, except Polaris. Which he is a dealer for and felt comfortable telling me that just for hunting, I would be fine. What brand was he not a dealer for? Arctic cat. Which brands was he the highest on? Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

Hope this helps! Again, this is just what was passed on to me by a lot of owners and one dealer of many brands. Hopefully I have good things to say about the Suzuki after the first of the year when season is over. If not, I will post that too.


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Dec 14, 2019
I purchased the 2020 Tracker 800SX Crew. So far it performs far better then advertised. It's a six seater which has been loaded with close to 1400 lbs of people and a 1000 lbs in the bed. I've had no problem going up and down the steep logging roads on my land. I highly recommend it. It also kicked butt this hunting season in the snow and ice.


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Jul 21, 2017
have used Hondas for work in the past, they seem to be the bullet proof machines; hold their values; seems to be the same with Yamahas and Kawasakis; i couldnt afford those so I've only owned 2 Arctic Cats with no issues yet, Polaris's were easier and cheaper to find but have heard they were money pits...