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Thanks guys


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
In the past few weeks the bear section has been very busy with lots of pictures and valuable information. One thing that sticks to mind is that in most cases the size of a bear is highly exagerated by many a hunter. This I found very interesting. It seems that most bear taken are as Moosie's post said, not 400 pounds, but are much smaller, and much smaller than I had thought. I also learned that the most activity seems to be in the evening. Is this because most do an evening hunt for bears, or is there actually more bear activity in the evening? I also learned that the weight of a bear can be estimated, quite accurately it seems, by a simple formula and some measurements taken.
These are some of the things I have learned from Hunt Talk in the past few weeks and this is why I come here. Thanks!
It's not just bears that get exagerated.. Elk, DEER, Antelope.. ECT... The only differece is, YOU can make a antlered game look bigger, but over 1/2 the people can tell... You can make a black bear look bigger..... only 1% can

On the hunting of bears, I don't know why the evening is better.. We've set up game counters and they always hit in the evening or night... Morning is "0" activity... that being said, I've killed 2 bear in the morning with spot and stalk.... So HELL I don't know ?!?!?

Elkhunter, Thanx for the Thanx and Thanx back to ya for the thanx, I thank you too :D :D !!
I've only been hunting for a few years and I've learned a ton from hunting web sites.... the difference is the endless GONG SHOW, here keeps me laughin'....:D :D :D

Good work boys!!
Elkhunter, maybe bears are just naturally nocturnal. They're certainly well suited for feeding in the dark. While their eyesight is poor, their sense of smell is terrific. I think it's probably better than deer or elk, from my own observations.

All I know about it for certain is that you'll see about ten bears in the evening for every one you see in the morning.( that's from my own observations, too, during Spring hunts) It got so that we wouldn't even bother hunting in the morning. :D

Estimating the size of a bear at long distance can be really tough, especially if they are alone. One good indication is how close their stomach is to the ground (or how round they are). I know real experienced bear hunters who have shot what they thought was a 200 lb. bear only to find out it weighed less than 100 lbs.

Like you, I really enjoy some of the topics where we learn something. That's why I like the SI section, we get lots of interesting information down there!
I think the debate atmosphere forces us to research our posts and try to back them up with facts, or get challenged by someone with a different opinion.

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I think bears feed in the evening because its cooler and because they "feel" more secure in the semi-dark. Bears are related to pigs and like pigs cannot sweat. Their dark color and heavy coats probably make them uncomfortably hot when out in full daylight. I know from the few bears I've seen on mountainsides during the day, a glossy black coat is very conspicuous from a long way off.

Up here most baits are hit between 2am and 3:30am(everybody's except mine of course) which is when the coolest overnight temps are reached.
If there is a bear that looks like Mickey Mouse, it deserves to be shot :D

But in all sincereity, thanks for that tip and to everyone who has been a help on this.
Elkhunter,I too have learned alot in the past few weeks about bear hunting.Although I dont get too hunt until August I am absorbing all the info I can.Another good tool for the sizing of a bear is the ears compared to the size of the head.I was told if it looks like Mickey Mouse dont shoot it. :D