Tags Available Part II


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
As of today there are about 500 tags available for the area #79 cow elk. Danr55 and his friend already have their tags and they are sitting on my desk.
ELKHUNTER, I calculated my bills and DAYS worked for Oct and NOV...... Saddened to say I'm not going to buy a tag... I am HOWEVER concidering stopping by for a Howdoo0ya do !!!

I'm planing on dumping the wife at Pocatello maybe the week on thanksgiving if I don't score on deer the 2nd week in NOV. Then I'm going to swing by there on the way back !!!!

I'll bring the Pots for the pictures in the WATER.... :eek: :eek:
YES YES YES!!!I was hoping to see more pan pictures. What if we give a prize for the malke hunttalk memeber that sends in the best pan picture?? The prize could be a new pan that is circulated every year to the winner. Kinda like a crown that you wear on your head but only this one..... well I guess you wear it on your head too :eek:
That's OK Moosie. Just updating the tag situation in case anyone wanted to partake in a cow hunt.

huntrluvr may be onto something, but it has to be a genuine Hunt Talk pan. Maybe Moosie can put one of the window decals onto a pan for the prize.
Bill I would love to partake in getting a tag there. But can not do it this year. Hell just to come and visit with you and LB would be worth the trip. :D

How bout a "Send Nut to Wyoming to hunt Cow Elk" fund? :D
Would love to have you guys come. These cheapy tags may be available again next year also. Just depends on how this season ends up. Last year there were over 800 of these tags available and 685 this year.

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