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Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'm at Warrens tonight for dinner from 6:30-7:30. You said you were calling so Just an FYI.

We have the maps if you want to talk, or call me anytime later tonight at home. Wife is out of town all week so All I need to do is kick the Dancing girls out and I'm ready to talk "SHOP" ;)
Over the dinner hour I got a Deer/elk Wood and I decided to Leave tonight to hunt in the AM for the next couple days or two.... or ten ?!?!?!

Someone call my Boss So I'm not fired when I get back ;) Someone call my wife so she's not worried either
Good talking to the Oscar man....It was all I could do not to pack up the truck and head out as I have today and tomorrow off.

But 18 hours of driving with only 48 hours available......Throw in some sleep time. The most I could hunt would be 20 hours or so....

I'll stick with the plan and wait until next week. 7 days to find a good bull should be enough.
It’s supposed to snow off and on for the next 10 day’s. Just be patient T Bone things are only going to get better. When there is 2 feet of snow on top those elk move down and its almost like shooting fish in a barrel. Last time we got this much snow early my brother and I and 5 of my nephews went up and shot 6 bulls in one day. We saw well over 300 head of elk. I will tell you where the spot is when you get here.
Should have waited....(Yah right
) Caught the beginning of the weather. Saw lot-za critters in some new spotts. Nothing notched in my tag lot though. Although I've helped pack 2 bulls out and 1 deer already this last week. MAybe if I'd pack les and Hunt more (Or spend more time at the range
) I'd have better luck
Right now it's good hunting.... Next week will be cake walk T-bone.

Deadeye is heading up Tueday for Deer. We're all meeting Friday Night at the "CABIN". We'll swap locations, plans, and hunting stories.... Drop me a line before you head out.
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