Steve Rinella's thoughts on African Lion


Jul 25, 2015
Southwest Nebraska
Good read, with lots of good points. The most telling one for me..." I recalled all the times that people praised social media as a catalyst for the events commonly known as the Arab Spring. There you had millions of well-meaning Americans applauding the downfall of dictators that, a few months earlier, they wouldn’t have been able to name. From the ashes of those regimes rose a world of chaos, power vacuums, bloodshed, and an unstoppable slide toward militant theocracies. If you get rid of hunting in Africa, you’re gonna see an equally bleak future for wildlife on that continent. By then, though, we’ll all be tweeting about something else." - Rinella. He's spot on, by the time the impact is felt locally, the bleeding hearts of misinformed westerners will have moved on!