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Dec 16, 2000
The other day I contacted a company called "Grayback Wildcats" of Kiamath Falls, Oregon, who advertised Pre-formed, ready to load & shoot wildcat brass. The gentleman who owns and operates it was very polite and helpful. He provided some unique perspectives on some of the questions I asked him on the 6.5-06 and 6.5-284, as well as some insight on reloading & forming dies that I'd never heard of before. They also have a pretty long list of availble calibers. Prices are reasonable, but not "cheap".
Any one here ever delt with them or heard of them?
WD, I've heard of them, but never had any occasion to deal with them. I would certainly be interested in whatever insights he passed along that you may feel like sharing though. (Get the hint???:D:D) :cool:
UUUUHHHH Yeah, I think I got the hint. Putting it in to words that don't sound like a product endorsement is the tough part for some one like me. But, let me try.
I will only use RCBS, Lyman, and Hornady dies from this day forth, and RCBS on any wildcat that I might ever own.
The input that I got was that the 6.5-284 was probably more efficient than the 6.5-06 due to the shorter round and sharper shoulder angle, but with the 284 being a discontinued cartridge, who knows when some one could just say "we're not making cases any more", and with the '06, there will be cases as long as there are cases and in supply enough to be reasonably priced.
As far as performance, of one over the other, not that much difference....too close to call. (Pretty much what you and others on this board said). ;) WD
OK Swift, you've piqued my curiosity. Let's hear the reasons behind your choices of dies.

I'm dying to know, especially since my favorite dies weren't on your list. (The OTHER green ones)
that's funny NH, I sent him a PM asking the same question because my favorite green ones weren't on there either.
;) :cool:
OK, Publicly I'll just say that these are the only ones we discussed in a positive manner. :D

(Hows that for politicly correct)?? :D:D
ND & Danr check your PM. ;) WD
Jude, thanks for that. I notice that there are several companies now making the 6.5-284 brass and you're right, some are even making the loaded ammo. I am still stewing on the decision as my gunsmith won't even have time to do it until late fall or early winter. I've heard rumors that either the 6-06 or the 6.5-06 will be the next one that will be in regular production in brass and loaded ammo. (I'll believe it when I see it though).

I noticed in your signature that you are a VHA member.... hope you like them as well as I do... they have the best magazine going as far as I'm concerned.
WD, that is nice to know that they might be making 6.5-06 brass, it would be a help not to run 25-06 cases through the dies before your first load. I am starting on my second 6.5-06 thanks to danr55!! He turned me on to this cartridge and I had built one for my son and fell in love with it. In fact, I just bought a Winchester action from Dan specifically for the project and hope it turns out as good as the first one.

Yes, the Varmint Hunter Magazine is the best as far as I'm concerned too!! I just renewed for 2 years.

Take care,

Jude ;)

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