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Dec 16, 2000
Acouple of questions on reloading for this caliber and wildcats in general.
What is the best source for reloading dies for this caliber (6.5-06)? Huntingtons in Ca.?
Is there a GOOD reloading manual that covers a lot of Wild cat cartridges? Most of the ones that I have seen list only a couple of bullets and about 2-3 different powders for them. WD
Wayne, Huntingtons has always had what ever I needed when I called. They would be an excellent choice. More recently, I have opted for mostly Redding Dies, so I call Midway. 6.5-06 specifically, is not so hard to find. I believe that it's listed in the Midway catalogue.

For loading information, the Source is probably the best bet. "The Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders", by P.O. Ackley would be my first option. Then there are two books called, "Wildcat Cartridges" Chapters I and II. They are published by Wolfe Publishing in Prescott, Arizona. I don't have an address readily available for Ackley's book. It is available from a guy in Utah. I will get you the address if no one posts it in a couple of days.
The third source, and the one I am most familiar with, is Dan's Redbook. I've got about 25 years of accumulated history in there and lots of notes. If there is something specific you need, give me a shout. :cool:
Dan, thanks for the reply. I was going to tap that Dan's Red Book for some loads, but since my other loading manual for wildcats is MIA, I thought that I'd find another good one with some of the "newer stuff" in it. After we get back from 'Bou hunting make sure that you have the dust knocked off that Red Book. Hopefully I can trade pictures for loads. ;)
If we come back empty handed I may need some info out of Dan's Black Book (the unabridged one).
The 6.5/06 is not a very wild wildcat you can find data in the latest Hornady and Sierra manuals and in an older Hodgdon I do not have thier latest so I can say if it is in thier latest. Dies are available from Redding, RCBS, Hornady and probably others. It is a good round and there is a fine selection of 6.5 bullets out there. I push a 129 gr. Hornady at about 3070 out of a 24" barrel.
good luck 8mm
8mm, hey thanks for the reply and welcome to moosie's board too! Stop by and post often.

I realize that the 6.5-06 isn't an extreme "wildcat" if you will. I've been looking at these off and on for the last couple of years and have seen some very impressive groups shot out of a couple different ones. I've never heard anyone that owned one have any complaints about them, so mine is now in the works. At one time many moons ago, I had a good reloading manual on wilcats and let it go in a deal with a 6-284 and that was THE stupidest thing I've ever done in the shooting sports field. Hind sight is 20/20.
Thanks again. ;) WD
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