Something new has been added.....they think.

Thats pretty cool Dan.
They are a pretty animal.
Are you saying that others have seen these cats in another place?
yes arivipa canyon for sure...
debbie there is usually at least one sighting a year of not more... just these animals are nocturnal and people dont usually carry cameras

Cool story and pictures. Sure would be sweet to see something like that in the wild. That is as long as he was not hungry. Thanks for the information.
That's nice Dan, They sure are pretty.
Thankx for sharing the picture and article
That is really cool. It would be so great to see one in wild. They really are pretty animals and I never knew they got that big.
Thanks for the picture and the article Dan.
Theres something that you just don't expect to ever see in the wilds of the U.S. .....
That is really cool. I heard a few years ago that one was sighted in New Mexico I believe. I know that jaguars once lived in the southern U.S. It is nice that they are again being seen there. Maybe some day there will be more.
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