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Snake Training Yor Dog


New member
Jul 17, 2002
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Does anyone know anything about snake trainig your bird dog, or where you could get a dog trained to avoid them? I have heard of people that do that kind of training, and since I predict this will be a bad snake year, I want to get a jump on it. Just so my dog dont get bit and I dont scream like a girl wearing a pink dress when we happen up on one.
I didn't really need to train mine. When he was younger, I would find bull snakes along the road and let him out to check them out. As soon as he got close, the snakes would get pissed and hiss like crazy. My dog realized that it was nothing to kill or play, and he would just avoid it.

So far no snake bites, but I am worriedd about porkies.
Do you have a remote trainer? Find a snake and let your dog stumble accross the snake... as if he has found it himself. As he comes to the snake give him a good jolt. This works best on a dog who isnt collar smart. (new to the collar training). My Vizsla wont go near a snake.
I gave that lots of thought Cameron, but I'm what you might call, a WOOSIE, when it comes to snakes. Any kind too. Even the ones on tv. When I was 14 I got tagged by a rattler in our back yard. Ever since then any snakes makes me nervous. Okay, they dont make me nervous, they scare the crap out of me if I dont know they are there. I've used colars on my last dog with great results, except that he hated Steamer and would try to eat him if he got close enough. Never coud break him of that. My dogs are three moths old, do you know what age you can start using a collar.

Ithaca, I'll email you. I like the idea of someone else doing the training and Boise is close.
Well maybe a friend can help with the snake. I started my Vizsla with a collar at 1yo and my Lab at 9 mo. But every one has their own style. Do what the dog tells you he or she is ready for. If he is hard headed maybe he needs a little attention getter.