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Small Idaho Buck

Thanks for sharing the story MD4M . Just remember if you are not comftortable you might want to get into a position where you are comfortable .
Sounds like you had a good time .

Good job on the deer. I remember reading the story, but it looks lie it magically disappeared! :eek: Don't worry about comments from certain people. If you don't care for deer meat, who gives a rats ass. I'm sure you and Steve took real good care of the meat for some lucky person. As far as deer meat, Its ok. I do eat it, but I hunt mainly for the sport. Keep your head up!
Spotted Owl,thanks.
Just to set the record,we spotted the deer out at 440 yard's.
I missed because I missed not because I tried to lob any shot's and hoped to hit one out of a herd.
I also hunt for more reasons then to put meat in the freezer.
There was no mention of any ATV being used at all during the three day's I was able to hunt.
Congrats MD4me.
Guess I missed the above posts. Give no matter to what was said above.
congrats on the deer md!

sure would of liked to read the story......what happened, you let the pecker checkers get under your skin?

Thanks guy's .
I know I shouldn't let some pecker head piss me off but when there is so much illegal stuff that goes on, for anyone to jump another hunter when it's all done in a legal manner just rub's me wrong.


Way to go on the buck MD. Certainly some beautiful country you were hunting. Great picture with the deer and the scenery.
Thanks guy's.I was happy with him.
So what happened to Elkgunner's post ripping me a new one over shooting this buck?????????

Flipper, that white stuff is yucky :eek: :eek:
I know most guy's love to hunt in it ,I was not thinking snow that day and was wet and cold from
crawling around sneaking up on that deer.

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