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Smacked One Yesterday (pics posted)


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Dec 17, 2000
Selah, Washington
Shot a 4x6 counting eyeguards, Heres the story and pics to follow.

I got to my spot early in the morning and didnt see anything so I walked through a clear cut in the next finger and here thump thump of a deer bouncing away, I only saw him for about half second but he was nice so I think he was legal, so after hunting that area for a while, I get back to my truck and start driving down the mountain about 1pm. I turn off onto a skidder road off the main gravel road to go check down a hill that looked good but as I got closer it was real thick so I changed my mind so I start heading back to my truck, as I was walking I was looking for tracks in the dirt and low and behold I found some big ol buck tracks that was coming from the thick stuff crossed in front of my truck then down another hill so I follow them and walk down the hill. It was a sage brush hill with timber all around it and you could see the road about 400 yards down on the bottom. So im sitting there in the sun just looking and glassing and see a guy go in the timber below me so im thinking he might kick something up. After awhile of not seeing anything I start heading back up to my truck. As im walking back up to my truck I happen to look to my left through some trees and see antlers sticking out of the sage brush. All I could see was his antlers. He was just bedded in the sage brush on the hill side. So I get down on a knee and got my rifle on him just waiting for him to stand. After a couple minutes he stands up and BOOM I punch him in the shoulder with my 300 mag I just bought 3 weeks ago (something is wrong with my 270). He takes off down hill toward the area the guy went to so I shoot two more times as he running and miss then he gets to the bottom and I neck shoot him and hes done. He ran to within 20 yards of the bottom road. Hes a muley/blacktail crossbreed, his rack looks like a whitetail. Counting his eyeguards hes a 4x6 and 17 ½ inches wide.


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Way to go on the buck, I am looking forward to some pics. What is the story with the 300? Maybe you need a 280 to put them down with the first shot.
;) :D
Mtmiller, my 270 is screwed up, its a remington and the button you push to let the bolt out, something is missing cause theres no lock now. When you open the bolt it just slides all the way out so i had to use my backup 300. 270 is going to the shop today. That 300 left a good hold in the shoulder. I thought that 300 would of flipped him back, he took the shot then went down hill. My 270 is my main deer gun.
My 700 did the same thing. There is a spring clip that pushes the bolt stop back out, and mine was worn out. The bolt stop wasn't popping back out in the bolt lug raceway and the bolt would come out. FOrtunately, my brother is a gunsmith so he was able to fix it for free in 5 minutes.
Ya, That is what mine is doing, I have a gunsmith across the road from me im going to take it to. I dont really want to cause he annoys the hell out of me but hes close.
You mean I am not the only person that had that problem with their Remington? :eek: