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Scent drags for big game?


New member
Jun 28, 2001
I was wondering if any of you lay scent drags when you are training young dogs on big game? I am new to big game hunting but have trained quite a few coon dogs. Just like in coon hunting, there seems to be quite a lot of BS to wade through. Some guys know whats up and some just wish they did.

A couple of old timers with fairly respected names in the sport have told me that you can spray coon or feral cats with training scent to work pups. How accurate is this? I will be hunting bear and bobcat only with any hounds I train. What scent manufacturer do you folks use? I have to think that some scents are better and more realistic than others...any tips or tricks appreciated
Hi Jt. Glad to see you made it here.
Working hounds with scent drags is one thing I have NO experience with. I have talked to a lot of people that start dogs that way but I have never seen it done. I guess it couldnt hurt trying. I just dont have a lot of confidence in bottled scents smelling like the real things.
I bet soeone on here has used them and they may be able to give you some advice.
I don't use scent drags or anything, I am like George, I don't believe you can bottle the true scent of an animal. Once pups are mature enough and want to go, I will take them and hunt them behind the old dogs. I have heard people talk about spraying a cat down with lion scent, bear scent etc, I just laugh, the cat already has a natural smell, to me doing something like that would add more confusion to a young dog
Welcome aboard JT.I have never done this myself,but know a feller who always works pups a couple times on a bear hide with scent.Says he does it just to see if they'll be scared of the bearhide when they find it.Says hes noticed that the pups that are scared of the hide at first,usually end up second rate in the end.He also uses it to figure out who causes the fights at the tree etc.