Plate ‘em up

Had lamb at a Brazilian steal house once. Only way I can describe it is it tasted like a rutting bucks tarsal gland smells. Never again for me.
Worst plated picture ever but these were lamb chops. We are in beef country and I don’t think I have ever had them but a neighbor raised some so we got one. Pretty damned good! Much better than expected. Supplemented with our pork!View attachment 324856View attachment 324857
Lamb chops/rack of lamb is one of my all time favorites. I'll also grab a leg of lamb when I catch them on sale. An hour or so on the smoker and then turn up the heat to 400 until they reach 120 F or so, damn, now I'm hungry.
I was inspired last week when I took my kids to dinner at Angus Barn in Raleigh. Not only do they have great steaks and an impressive wine selection of over 25,000 bottles, their signature dessert, Chocolate Chess Pie, is also amazing. They sell 50,000 of them a year.

I decided to make my own and jazz it up a bit with some homemade bourbon whipped cream and salted caramel drizzle. It’s what’s for breakfast 😝.