Pictures of Areas.........


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Well Were do I start......... We went out scouting over the weekend. More of a WAKE up call to how out of shape I was, But fun non-the less...

I took a few pictures to Show what most the Terrain looks like .



Warren Looking around..............


Here's da MOOSE MAN..........
As we continued on. We decided to Bail off the hill back to the road. This would only put us 2.5 miles from the truck.......... I should have known the Steepness from Driving that area but We Bailed off non the less............



Like ALWAYS....... When Warren and me are out We come accross GOATS........ We have never known goats to be in this area but Found a "HONEY HOLE" of goats..... Here is the First picture....... Good luck finding them ......


The next picture is Me putting the Binocs (Swarovskis 8x32) up to the Digital and Taking photos.. Took a few tries till I figured it out ........


After Getting back to the ROAD, We LOOKED BACK UP THE HILL IN AWWWww.... Grant it...It WAS an experience sliding down the Shale and holding onto Rocks as we crossed the Rock faces with Bows in hand and All ......but I will never be back to that canyon......

Here's a pic looking up the canyon.....

Hey hombre, looks like we're neighbors!! That's some sweet lookin' country out there!! Never mind the sheep, looks like you've got some goat in your blood. ;) Nice photos, that's a wicked shot through the bino - I'll hafta tryer out!!

Any bugle boys sign around?? I've got an elk tag around N. Idaho (bow only) I like the alpine timber open country! I was hunting a similar canyon this weekend for mulies - sweated my bag off for one stalk, where I got to 50 yards but was blown by his buddy and they bounced!

Good luck, homeboy!

ps -re ethics: can't all be crackers like inbred jed ;)

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MntBOY, Any Bugle BOYS ??!?!? Isn't that a type of PANTS ?~?~? They are talking every now and then but not much... And Shut Up quick I've heard,.,,, Another Cold front and They'll be singing like a JAybird :D Sux on the BUSTED hunt. I've been on a Many of those types of hunts.. Sometimes it seems like the hours of closing in gets busted in 1 second..... But thats hunting...

Were up north ya hunting. Fire me off a Unit Number or something. I'm not familliar with too much up there but would like to see Pics from your trip. I took a few shots through the Bino and Didn't figure they worked till I downloaded them. the Binos fit right and With enought Play.. Well, I got it !!!!

Fire me an E-mail sometime. You probably have in the past, but Moosie looses stuff FAST

'Nut, Ohio, thats 12,000 Feet Elevation isn't it ;) I think thats were I leap Mountains in a single bound...... If I ever hunt there, I'll do some Couch Potatoeing TRAINING to get ready for it *WINK*.. J/K bud !!

Oscar, Is that the area outside of Lowman? Is that the area where you have seen the big deer? You expect us flatland guys to come walk in those hills? GREAT!!!!!! :cool:
Moosie great pics bro!!!!!! hmmmmm I'm wondering if DKO or the AZ are ready for them tater fields way up where the goats live LOL I think DKO is crazy and psyched enuff for sure!!!!! I'll have to try out that bino pic too cool.
Nice country Oscar..
One time Long ago I used to hunt country like that.. maybe someday soon.

Bumping a year old topic..... How aout some pictures of your areas.. GPS Coordinates can be sent to me
That ground looks just like a lot of places in the cascades in Wa....
Great pics all and it sure makes me want to get up and go run some of these hills back here. But I am tide to this pager and can't get out of earshot from it....Things will look up in Sept, when the leash will be taken off and I will be free again...LOL!!! :D :D :D
Great photos Moosie, and you too Elkhunter.
Caribou hunting:

Sheep hunting:

Bear hunting:
Nice pics to everyone.....and nice red x there Nut

I have some pics that should show up here any day now :rolleyes: :D