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Jan 9, 2001
Laramie, WY
Just looking for a few good loads for the 7mm magnum. I had never fired one of these guns until last weekend, although I have shot the 7mm STW. My Dad, who's about the luckiest guy I know, won a new remington 700 BDL 7mm in a local raffle.

I admit right out, I'm not a huge fan of the 7mm, way over-rated if you ask me, but it should make a good antelope and deer rifle.

I shot the thing last weekend, it took 2 shots to zero, I then proceeded to shoot 5 shots into an inch at 100 yards using 150 grain factory ammo (rem corlocs). Pretty impressive for an out of the box rifle with a fairly heavy trigger and factory ammo.

I'm interested in a good 160 grain load or even a 175 load.
REM 700
7MM REM MAG H4831 63.5 GR
7mm Rem Mag IMR 7828 62.5 gr.
NOSLER 160 part. fed 215

There's a couple of Remington 700 loads for the 7mm Rem Mag for 150 and 160 grain bullets. These both have shot sub MOA in two or more rifles. The 150 grain load has shot well in every rifle I've tried it in.

Let me know how they work for you if you try them.

160 gr bullet
79 gr H870 Fed 215 primers

175 gr bullet
77 gr H870 , same primer

I also like 67 gr of H4831 under a Hornaday 139 gr bullet for deer . This is a moderate load that gets you performance similar to a .270 or .280 .

The 160 gr Speer hot core spitzer with the H870 is my favorite load , has worked fantastic for me both close in and far out . Very flat shooting , I think it would be just fine for elk if in open country .......

I have not tried it yet , but I think RL 25 could be THE powder for the 7mm Rem. with heavy bullets . Alliant has data on their website . I think it could get you around 3000 fps with the 175 gr bullets .....
Sdgunslinger, thanks for the info. I was thinking about trying H870, sounds like it works good for you, so I'll go with that to start with.

I've had good luck with the H870 in the 300 win mag.

I also think you are right about the 7 being ok for elk in open country.
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