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Owyhee wilderness plan


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Dec 11, 2000
Any of you hound hunters that havent made comments' or seen the large aera of impact in the Owyhee Wilderness Plan ,please take a look at the info. and contact number of a lady that is trying to keep as much open to multiple use as possable.
She said last night they are trying to get info. on how you access your spots,the whole thing will boil down to what can be closed and what should be left open, so if you use the area ,at least have a talk with her to see if any of the proposed plan will impact you.
I can say if the Inviro's have there way it will impact me and ALOT of the people I know in a big way.
Protection is great,a wilderness area the size they are pushing for isnt,but thats only my view ,she need to hear your.
Please take a look and call her.
Gatoman---I know you use the area ,please let the other hound hunters know about this.
Call who and whats the proposed plan, have any reading on it anywhere? I don't use the area to much but would hate to see everyone locked out.
Gato,the invromentalist are trying to get a BIG BIG area of it put into wilderness.
From what I heard ,it was one of the areas that Clinton was getting ready to put the screws to just before he left office.
It is getting real close to haveing a decision made as to HOW MUCH and what parts will be wilderness.
The map I saw last night was increadble with what these Green groups have proposed.
Other groups,The Idaho ATV asso. outfitters & guides asso. cattlemens asso. ,People for the Owyhee's ,Idaho Snowmobile asso.,to name a few have tryed to give input on what we can live with as far as wilderness area .
Contact Info. call
Sandra Mitchell
at 208-424-3870
fax 208-424-3850
Email her at [email protected]
or The Idaho State Snowmobile Asso. at
She has ,along with different groups she is involved with have alot of good info. on whats going on ,at the meeting she asked us what other groups or org. they might contact.
She had concerns that the hunters havent heard enough about all of this and every person or group that uses these areas needs to be informed & involved in drawing up this plan.
The inviromental groups have it all figured out as to what they want ,how far they will give (its not a pretty site)Its not at all Multipal use friendly.
There goal is to stop all motorized use!!!!!!
As you know wilderness is the most hands off approach ,limits the biggest ammount of people from a given area.
Locks up vast ammounts of usable land ,Public land .
They not only want this large area put into wilderness ,they also want it written up to inclued (soft release language)as oppossed to (hard release language) I hope I have that right. LOL
I believe the soft release language means that the issue can be re-visited and we will then have to go through the whole inviro/ordeal again sometime down the road.
That is what the inviromental groups what.
The other side has proposed some wilderness area but would like to have the hard release language.
So the inviromental groups can not then a few years down the road go back on there word and start the proccess all over to get more put into wilderness.
One of the other proposed options would be backcountry desgnation , I believe that would give the area some protection while leaving it open to multipal use .
the other thing to keep in mind ,not only do these inviromental groups have a lot of wilderness desgnation they want pushed through now ,they also have the wilderness study areas.
If you like to hunt & fish, drive your truck,snowmoble,ATV,or support other peoples right to multipal use of your lands ,its time to at least look into all this.
Give Sandra a call she know alot ,and really need all of our input.
Dont let these inviromental groups take it away without a fight.
Something else I need to say before I get slammed LOL ALL the people at the meeting were against abuse of the land & understood the impact that all the varied uses can have on fragle areas,including to many cows,morons driving off road & trail and ways to help get it stopped.
The big difference between the green groups and multipal use people was just that .
One wanted all but the most healthy and hardy to have access to these history rich areas/(There feeling was that if you cant walk in or hire a outfitter you didnt deserve to see it or use it)
The others wanted anyone that has the desire to see it,to be able to have access to the area ,while they all still understood that some restrictions need to be in place.
The non-radical groups have a proposal up on what they would like as wilderness area.
Try to take a look and see what you all think,im sure Sandra will sent out any info. and point you in the right direction to learn.