Drop Shock

Bill Christy

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May 26, 2022
For the newbie to solo DIY hunting/camping; There is a topic mentioned on the show ALONE called DROP SHOCK. Its when the realization of being totally alone in a align environment suddenly sinks in. When you find yourself in the wilderness camping and hunting for the first time all alone, Drop Shock can actually shut you down and send you home ruining a perfectly planned hunting trip. Yes, its all in the mind, but how do you overcome this? Experience has taught me to take short one or two day camping trips throughout the summer to test your camping gear and wrap your mind around being alone in the wilderness. Come hunting season, arrive a day or two early to set up camp and simply relax enjoying your unfamiliar surroundings. It also helps to scout your area during this time with no pressure. Keep in mind that where you may find game animals during your scouting trip may not be where they are opening day. In my experience, areas are often overrun by hunters scouting for game animals spooking animals right out of the area. Keep yourself busy enough not to think about the anxiety of being alone. Eventually, everything will become "Old Hat" and you will be able to look forward to a wonderful 10 day getaway. Elk are where you find them, so if you don't find them right away on opening day, don't give up and keep looking.
i would rock that show. Wouldn’t be much of a show though, just me sitting against a tree taking random naps since I don’t imagine I could hunt.
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